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The Jankaitis Family’s Chicken Coop in Riverton NJ

Chicken Coop in Riverton NJ

Matt and Brittany Jankaitis had been interested in getting chickens for a long time. They started with 6 chickens, but after getting a coop from The Hen House Collection, they felt confident that they could raise 10 chickens. Keep reading to learn more about the Jankaitis Family’s flock and their Lean-To Chicken Coop in Riverton NJ from The Hen House Collection.

Matt and Brittany had always been interested in raising chickens but had been putting it off. When their daughter was around four months old, they decided to get chickens. Not only did they think it would be a great way for their two kids to learn responsibility, but it would also give them another family pet alongside their dog. 

Once they decided to raise chickens, it was time to find a coop for them to live in. At first, they considered building their own but realized that wouldn’t be cost-effective. 

As they searched for a chicken coop in Riverton NJ, they wanted one that would last. They explored some other sellers, but their coops seemed too flimsy and would likely need to be replaced soon. That’s when Brittany broadened their search and found The Hen House Collection.

Q & A with Matt and Brittany

What’s your favorite part about the chickens?

I think we love the eggs, but it’s more that they’re our pets, not just animals that live in our backyard. They’re our buddies, our dog is best friends with them, and they’re always in the backyard or the swimming pool. Obviously, the free eggs are a plus, but they’re our buddies.”

“It’s rewarding too. Not only do you take care of them, but you actually get something in return. If you have a dog, you get companionship, but this is different, you take care of them and get something physical that you can keep and use.”

Tell me about your first interaction with The Hen House Collection or our dealers (Website, phone call, visit to the office, etc.)

“The first interaction with The Hen House Collection was awesome. We chatted with Dawn. It was seamless from the first conversation to the delivery of the coop. The quality, price, and customer service of The Hen House Collection is what sold us on them.”

What was the process of getting your coop like?

“They helped us with everything. They showed us their standard coop and helped us add customized features. They sent us multiple renderings, so we could see the different options and visualize what we wanted our coop to look like.”

I would highly recommend The Hen House Collection. They were just great to work with and the quality is great, you get exactly what you paid for. We got a really great deal and we have a really great chicken coop that we love.”

What do you love most about your chicken coop?

I’d never seen the lean-to style before, but I just like how it looks– the tin roof, the color is awesome, and the quality.”

“We haven’t had any issues. It’s over a year old and it’s been through the worst winter ever and it still looks like the day we got it.”

The Jankaitis Family’s Chicken Coop Gallery

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We want to give a huge shout-out to Matt and Brittany Jankaitis and their two kids and thank them for taking the time to tell us about their coop.

If you are someone who has purchased a chicken coop from The Hen House Collection or one of our Authorized Dealers, please reach out to us and let us tell your chicken coop story. We love getting feedback from users of our chicken coops.

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