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Chicken Coop Videos

Interested in seeing for yourself how our customers are doing with their coops? Check out our YouTube channel and hear from some of our happy customers!

The Jankaitis Family’s Coop

Matt and Brittany wanted to start raising backyard chickens to benefit their family. After doing some research, they came across The Hen House Collection. Take a coop tour and check out their coop!

The Merrill Family’s Coop

Suzanne inherited the chickens on the property when she moved to her new home. After seeing how her children loved the chickens, she expanded her flock. Watch her video and hear more about what to look for in a coop!

The Lopez Family’s Coop

Joe left the city to be surrounded by nature. He had always wanted a farm to raise backyard chickens, and really likes his Quaker coop from The Hen House Collection. Take a closer look at Joe’s beautiful 5×8 coop in this video.

Other Chicken Coop Videos