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Choose Your Wooden Chicken Coops

wooden chicken coops 7x12 Combination

The Combination

A wooden chicken coop and the run combination give your chickens the opportunity to move about in a protected environment. Add a wheel system to a combination coop and move the entire unit around so that your chickens have a fresh grazing area each day.

backyard chicken coops with vinyl siding

The Quaker

The Quaker wooden chicken coop provides an attractive housing solution for your chickens that will also protect them from hungry predators. Sturdy construction gives you peace because you know your chickens are safe while they roost at night.

wooden chicken coops Q44T BB

The Tractor

The Tractor wooden chicken coops provide an easily movable chicken housing solution that helps to reduce the number of bugs you’ll encounter when you step outside. You’ll be able to turn those juicy bugs into high-quality eggs for your breakfast! You can now provide a healthy diet for your chickens while getting rid of unwanted pests.

a-frame wooden chicken coop

The A-Frame

The easy to clean features of our A-Frame wooden chicken coops make it a convenient solution for parents that want to use small-scale chicken farming to teach their children life skills. An A-Frame chicken coop protects your chickens and makes it easier for your children to care for them.

barn style wooden chicken coops

The Dutch

If you’re a chicken lover with a few chickens that you raise as pets, protecting your chickens from predators is a high priority to you. The Dutch wooden chicken coops combine security features and good looks to make an attractive centerpiece for your backyard.

wooden chicken coops Avocado L35 With Optional Wheels and Handle Front View

The Lean-To

A wooden “Lean-To” chicken coop makes egg gathering easier for you and protects your chickens. Raising your own chickens in this chicken coop allows you to enjoy organic eggs from chickens with a diet that you can control.

Which Wooden Chicken Coops Do You Need?

Use the chart below to find your chicken coop size based on the maximum number of chickens that you need housing for.

Max # of Chickens Combination Quaker Tractor A-Frame Dutch Lean-To
90-100 A124
40-45 Q712
24-28 Q72 A-80
24-30 Q732C, Q728C, Q724C
20-24 Q58 A-60 (22)
18-20 Q720C, Q612C, Q68C D66
15-18 Q56, Q48 D48
12-15 Q716C, Q712C, Q610C Q46H, Q46 A-46 D46
8-10 Q48C Q44 Q44T A-44 D44 L45
7-9 A57C L35
6-8 Q34 Q34T
5-7 A46C
3-5 A33T A-33
2-3 L34T L34