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Raising Backyard Chickens
Ideas and Advice from The Hen House Collection

Raising backyard chickens is an exciting adventure. There’s always more to learn and ways to improve. Whether you’re a novice chicken farmer or an expert, we hope the chicken coop ideas and advice on these pages will benefit you in your chicken farming experience.

7 Best Chicken Breeds for the Aspiring Chicken Farmer

Are you looking to start your very first flock of feathery fowl? Maybe starting off with just a few hens?


If you are wondering what the best chicken breeds for beginners are, the following 7 chicken breeds offer you great starters!

Why Should You Raise Backyard Chickens

If you’ve opted to raise backyard chickens. You’ve joined a growing number of individuals who recognize the numerous advantages that these lovely birds provide.

Before you run out and get your boots and feed bucket, read our article about if raising backyard chickens is right for your land and lifestyle. 

How to Keep Your Chickens Warm in Winter

While some chicken breeds survive better in the cold than others, most breeds will survive well throughout the winter months in any location with proper maintenance. Look at some suggestions and ideas on how to keep chickens warm in winter, comfortable, and happy during the coldest months of the year.

New Guide to Cleaning A Chicken Coop

Neglecting to clean out your chicken coop regularly puts your flock at risk of infection. People who don’t clean out their chicken coops regularly can lose chickens to diseases that could easily be prevented with regular cleaning. Learn how cleaning a chicken coop can keep your chickens healthy. 

What is a Chicken Tractor?

A chicken tractor is a portable chicken coop, mounted on wheels for easy moving. Read more to find out why you should have one and how it will help you.

Automatic Chicken Door: Making Your Life Easier

What are we talking about? Automatic Chicken Coop Door. An automatic chicken door opens automatically at a set time in the morning and closes at a set time in the evening.

How Much Does It Cost To Raise Chickens?

Learn the 5 factors that affect the cost of raising chickens in your own backyard. Plus, get tips on how your chickens can actually make you money in the end.

Step by Step Guide To Raising Chickens

There are many things appealing about raising chickens in your backyard. The eggs are an obvious benefit of raising chickens, which are better tasting, fresher, and better for cooking than any store-bought eggs. What many don’t realize though is that chickens are great garden companions because they keep an eye out for insects and pests. In addition, with good planning, the long-term cost of raising chickens can be quite reasonable.

How to Choose the Right Size Chicken Coop for Your Chickens

Choosing a chicken coop size is one of the most critical issues to consider when buying a new chicken coop. Whether you’re an expert chicken farmer or a novice, the size of your coop in relation to the number of chickens in your care will have a major impact on the health of your flock.

Amish Chicken Coop Builder Storms the Online Coop Market

Amish chicken coop builder Elam Miller may be a member of the Old Order Amish church, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use the latest technology to market his coops. Learn how Elam uses the internet to market his Amish built chicken coops online.