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We’re always eager to hear from our customers about their experience with using our chicken coops for raising backyard chickens. If you’ve purchased a coop from us, please take a few minutes to leave a wooden chicken coop review. Or if you’re considering making a purchase feel free to browse our reviews from past customers.

As a satisfied customer of

As a satisfied customer of [the hen house collection], I wanted to share my positive experience with their chicken coops. These coops provide exceptional protection for my chickens against both pets and predators.

team of site expert

With sturdy construction and reliable locking mechanisms, [the hen house collection]’s coops offer peace of mind, knowing my chickens are safe from any potential threats. Their thoughtful design ensures both safety and comfort for my flock, making them an invaluable investment for any poultry owner. Highly recommended for anyone prioritizing the safety and well-being of their feathered friends.

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Pet Facts Expert

Everything we expected

We got the opportunity to visit the Hen House. They had a variety of coops to choose from. We picked out ours with the colors and added options. It was delivered right to our yard. It is everything we expected. The chickens love it and it is so easy to clean. The coop is cozy warm and the window is adorable. The run keeps the chickens safe from predators since the coop is attached. Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly.

sues chicken coop
Sue K

I highly recommend The Hen House

Two years ago I thought I bought the perfect coop. I did all the research and set about being a first-time chicken mom. A few months in I realized I made a very costly mistake. I hated my coop and so did my girls. They were pecking each other to death and so unhappy. I set out to find a new one and came across The Hen House coops. I fell in love immediately. They are so well constructed and have so many options to choose from. Due to a fox and hawk issues, I choose the combination coop so they would have the added security of the run for when they could not be let outside to free-range. I also upgraded to the automatic door which is perfect for me because I always know they are safe and secure inside. I opted for the electrical package because I wanted heated roosting bars. These NY winters are brutal but I do have to say it is so well built that they don’t need them. I do however like having the light for when I have to go in to tend to them at night or when it is dark at 4;30 in the afternoon. This coop was pricey but I would spend the money again in a heartbeat. It will last longer than my 8 girls. I will have this coop for years and years compared to others I’ve seen available in the Farm Stores. I never have to worry about predators due to the way it is constructed. If your considering chickens or already have a flock and made the same mistake I did by buying a small coop, I highly recommend The Hen House. You will not be disappointed.

chicken coops in ny
Amy King

Loving our new home

“Loving our new home, still have to train the babies and attach the other two runs but it exceeds our expectations and the delivery driver Tommy did an amazing job to get it exactly where we wanted. He was such a nice guy! It has been such a pleasure doing business with you all. A few of our ladies have stuck their head in the door but nobody has gone in yet…they are getting curious…we have carried a few in…”

dorothys chicken coop
Dorothy B.

Coop exceeded my expectations

“Keeping the chickens secure from all the predators around us plus making caring for them easier were my two main focuses and that coop exceeded my expectations. “

Pattya H

It is amazing

It is so functional for my chickens but also a nice decoration in my back yard. Everyone loves the design and look and cannot believe it is a chicken coop. I love the auto door and the vent in the back. The coop keeps my flock safe and secure. I never have to worry about anything. I had it wired for the light, auto door, and heated roosters. It is amazing and I could not be more satisfied!

chicken coop story 1
Matt Rasband

The mark of an excellent company

The mark of an excellent company can be seen in how they manage an unforeseen problem. During delivery, our coop was inadvertently sprayed with tar from a road construction project in Pennsylvania. The manager responded promptly and rectified the situation in a manner that completely satisfied our expectations. The coop is very well constructed and is beautiful!

Jason Maynard

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