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Beautiful Backyard Chicken Coops
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If you enjoy fresh eggs for breakfast and creating hands-on learning experiences for your children, you should consider a chicken coop for your backyard. You and your children can enjoy the simple pleasures of getting up in the morning to the sound of a hen clucking and the delight of finding fresh eggs for breakfast.

Fill your deluxe chicken coop with chickens, and you’re well on your way to creating memories and teaching lessons that will last a lifetime.

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We don’t sell trashy backyard wooden chicken coops. Our coops are designed for longevity and built with materials that will last well into the future. Also built into the design are features that make caring for your chickens easier.

Solid construction helps to keep your chickens secure at night. A chicken coop from the Hen House Collection could become an attractive feature in your backyard and an interesting conversation starter as you entertain your guests.

L712 Lean To LPLAP

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Secure for Your Chickens

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Looks Good in Your Backyard

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Amy’s Chicken Coop with Run

Amy’s Chicken Coop with Run Chicken Coop in Rochester, New York Amy first considered getting her own chickens after hearing from some others who had backyard flocks. She started with 8 chickens, all different breeds. She planned to name her birds and wanted to keep them all apart. Continue reading to hear more about her […]
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Dee Dee’s Large Chicken Coop

Dorothy’s Large Chicken Coop Chicken Coop in Rhode Island Dorothy and her husband love their flock of chickens and treat them like pets. They currently have 20 chickens and are expecting more. Owning chickens has been a great learning experience for their son as well, and he is deeply involved in caring for them. Continue […]
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3 Steps to Happy Chickens and Fresh Eggs



Begin to look around for a chicken coop that fits your situation. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and options to design your own coop. Or skip the design and see our inventory page for a pre-made chicken coop for sale.



After you’ve identified the coop that works for you, you’ll need to place your order. You can do this by locating your nearest dealer and filling out a free quote form. Or simply let your dealer know which pre-made coop you’re interested in.



After placing your order, you can tell all your friends about your exciting chicken coop find. And after your brand-new coop is delivered, we would love to hear how your coop has changed your chicken and egg farming experience.

Featured Product: Automatic Chicken Coop Door

automatic chicken coop door

SmartCoop Auto Door

Imagine never having to go out of your way to open/close the chicken coop door! The automatic chicken coop door will open/close for you. If you have a busy lifestyle with work, family, and hobbies, sometimes you forget to let your chickens out of the coop. With a Smartcoop Auto Door, you will not need to concern yourself with your chickens’ well-being as much.

The Smartpet Auto Door is made from durable materials and comes with directions for easy installation. These doors can also be made solar and environmentally friendly! Protect your chickens from predators and make your life easier by getting an automatic door for your backyard chicken coops!

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Pre-Made Backyard Chicken Coops

We’ve selected more than a dozen of our most popular backyard chicken coops and made them available on our inventory page. In addition to a shorter waiting period for delivery, you can simplify the ordering process by ordering a pre-made coop. Check out the chicken coops for sale on our inventory page to see if we have the one that you’re looking for.

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