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Chicken Coop in Rochester, New York

Amy first considered getting her own chickens after hearing from some others who had backyard flocks. She started with 8 chickens, all different breeds. She planned to name her birds and wanted to keep them all apart. Continue reading to hear more about her flock and her 6×12 Combination Chicken Coop from The Hen House Collection.

In 2016 Amy quit a very stressful job after both her parents had passed away. She always wanted to ride a horse so she decided it was time to give that a go and her dad had blessed her with the opportunity.

Amy’s dad had left her a little bit of money which led her to purchase her own horse. She met a lot of people at the barn where she was boarding her horse and some of them owned their own chickens. Amy became intrigued with raising backyard chickens and after some initial research and of course convincing her husband, they decided it was time to purchase some chickens.

Q & A with Amy

What started your search for a chicken coop?

I wanted something very sturdy and had room for them to be in during the day as I was not going to free-range them (neighbors, and predators). I spent what I thought was a lot of money and purchased a coop that was very well built but was way too small for my growing girls even though the description said up to 10 hens.

When spring came, I knew I could not go through another winter with this coop.”

Tell me about your first interaction with The Hen House Collection or our dealers (Website, phone call, visit to the office, etc.)

After I had a peek at the catalog and website I had lots of questions so I contacted Justin several times and he took down everything I needed and wanted and priced it all out for us. He was great. I needed the coop to be a certain size due to our town codes and he was able to have you all build it to code.

What features and options did you add?

You had so many nice options that we ended up getting all the upgrades. The floor, the auto door, the poop drawer, the electrical package, You were even able to customize the egg boxes for me as the size I ordered was for 6 boxes and I only wanted 3.

“I would definitely recommend your coops, and have. I have friends that have bought the cheap coops and are replacing them every two years because they fall apart.”

The metal roof is absolutely gorgeous along with the copula and weather vane. The only thing that I was unhappy with was the heated roosting bars. They don’t heat up like I thought they would. But as I said in my review the coop is so well made that they don’t need them. I don’t think the coop temperature dropped below 25 degrees all winter.

What do you love most about your chicken coop?

The biggest selling point for me was that I was able to walk inside the coop. Being able to get inside and clean it or tend to a chicken If I needed to was a huge selling point.

“My old coop had one very small square door that you had to get on your belly to get a chicken if needed. I love that I can just walk right in. That is the best feature I would say. I also have to say having an attached run to keep them safe if I am not home is a huge plus for me.

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We want to give a huge shout-out to Amy King and thank her for taking the time to tell us about her 6×12 coop.

If you are someone who has purchased a chicken coop from The Hen House Collection or one of our Authorized Dealers, please reach out to us and let us tell your chicken coop story. We love getting feedback from users of our chicken coops.

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