Chicken Coop Stories

Welcome to our customer stories page! Here, we feature stories from folks who enjoy raising chickens and have used our chicken coops. These tales come from city residents and seasoned farmers, all showing how our coops bring happiness and simplicity to chicken care. Take a peek into these stories that highlight the special bond between chicken owners and their feathered friends.

Our Chicken Coop Videos

Interested in seeing how our customers are doing with their coops? Check out our YouTube channel and see for yourself the way that our coops have made raising backyard chickens a more enjoyable journey.

Amy's chicken coop

Amy’s Chicken Coop Story

Amy became intrigued with raising backyard chickens and purchased some hens and a coop from The Hen House Collection after some research. Check out Amy’s chicken coop story and see how her 6×12 Combination Coop has made life easier for her and her hens.

Dorothy’s Chicken Coop Story

Dorothy and her family enjoy raising chickens as a hobby. They started three years ago and now have accumulated quite a flock of chickens. Read more about Dorothy and her family’s furry friends.

Dorothy's chicken coop
Jason's chicken coop

Jason’s Chicken Coop Story

Jason and Cynthia wanted to raise their backyard chickens for many years. Once they got started with four chicks, they realized how much fun it was and wanted more. The learning experience has been great for their kids as well. Read their full story.

Pattya’s Chicken Coop Story

Pattya grew up on a farm and wanted to raise chickens of her own. After convincing her husband, she began shopping for coops and found out about The Hen House Collection. Continue reading to hear more about her Combination chicken coop and how she cares for her hens.

Pattya's chicken coop
Matt's chicken coop (1)

Matt’s Chicken Coop Story

Matt had a pretty good idea of what he wanted in a chicken coop. He loves how functional his coop is and gets compliments on it all the time. He ordered an auto door with his coop and is pleased with how it works as well. Continue reading to hear more about Matt’s coop story.