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Dee Dee's Large Chicken Coop

dorothys chicken coop

We love sharing our customer stories and their experiences with using our large chicken coops. So here is a story from Dorothy and her family’s experience with raising chickens in their backyard in Rhode Island.

Dee Dee and Her Large Chicken Coop

Dorothy (Dee Dee) describes herself and the family as hobby chicken farmers, who also treat their flock as their pets. They began their journey with raising chickens three years ago and over time have had up to 35 ducks and chickens. They currently have 20 chickens and are “eggspecting” 10 babies in May.


When we asked Dee Dee why she began raising chickens and what she enjoys about the experience, this was her response…

“We love our flock and our son, age 9, is deeply involved in their care. We originally wanted a few fresh eggs and to teach our son about life but it has turned into a love of our feathered friends and what they provide us. Our son has learned about the entire process, learned life and death, birds and the bees, and has learned fresh eggs are best and duck’s eggs are better! He can tell you anything you need to know about the care of these animals as he reads constantly. He impresses me as I was the one who wanted a few fresh eggs from some cute chickens. So I guess I am a mix of hobby, pet, proactive parent!”


Raising chickens has been a great hands-on experience for Dorothy’s son, he has learned many life lessons. Dee Dee’s original plan of enjoying fresh eggs in the morning has turned into valuable life experiences for her and her family.

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“The coop and run we purchased from you was our final and best investment.”

The Search For A Large Chicken Coop

When we asked Dee Dee what she thought about the large chicken coop she purchased from the Hen House Collection, she responded “The coop and run we purchased from you was our final and best investment.”

Dorothy’s family started with a store-brand coop for their first six chickens which they quickly outgrew and it gave them issues shortly after purchase.  They then added a dog house with a kennel and added another run and bought three more coops to be put inside of it. They basically had three separate flocks, where one was in a different area and two were together in another area in their own coop but a shared run between them all.


“We really did not like having to clean 4 coops and having our flock separate as when they free range they integrated.” We don’t blame you, Dee Dee. Having multiple coops can be a headache and requires a lot of maintenance. That is when they began looking for a large chicken coop.  Dee Dee said “We wanted something that would fit about 30 flock members,  provide space for nesting and supplies, and be gorgeous on our property.  We knew we wanted it to be safe too. Most importantly we had to be able to walk in and clean easily.”

They looked around online and went into some stores that mentioned that they sold coops but they couldn’t find the perfect coop for their flock.

After looking everywhere, Dee Dee finally found her coop builder “We found the Hen House Collection at a store in our state but the salesman there was not helping us and wanted to sell the models on hand. I then took it upon myself to call. I really loved the looks and customization of your Coops and was determined to get one! The wonderful lady Dawn spoke on the phone with was amazing. She answered all our questions,  offered suggestions, and literally helped us build our dream coop. We were very excited to give our deposit and surprised that delivery was going to be free. She was wonderful and asked about our flock size, growth, and everything that was important to us. Our coop was custom-built, and our run has an extra door on the back so we could connect it to our other runs! It came out exactly as we hoped”




large chicken coop in winter

About Dorothy’s Large Chicken Coop

Dee Dee purchased the 7×12 Quaker Coop with a 6 by 8 run with a roof. The features she added on included the electrical package, automatic chicken door with the solar kit, wire over windows, clean out lid, and the epoxy floor. She went with a green metal roof, beautiful red Duratemp siding, added 3 windows, and got a custom door built in the back of the run to connect her flocks.

“What sold us was that we could pick and choose what wanted!!!!

DELIVERY WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! HE TOOK THE TIME TO PLACE AND MEASURE IT EXACTLY WHERE WE WANTED IT! It also was delivered sooner than promised!!!!!! ”

Dee Dee’s Large Chicken Coop Purchase Process

  1. Called Dawn
  2. Emailed back and forth with our specifics and costs. The extra door was not something they offer and she made it happen!
  3. Purchased over the phone and delivered sooner than promised.

She states  “Could not have been done quicker or easier!”


Dorothy’s Testimonial

“What we love most about our coop is the poop tray and the size!

Our flock now goes to bed the same time every night and all together! No more worrying who goes where and if we got them all in four different coops as they are all together!!!!

We would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a sturdy and beautiful coop! It is absolutely stunning and does it’s job keeping our flock safe and warm.

Thank you!!!!”

We want to thank you, Dorothy, for choosing us for your chicken coop needs. We are happy to have provided you with safe housing for your flock.

Large Chicken Coops For Sale

Here at The Hen House Collection, we offer a variety of large chicken coops for sale. If you are like Dee Dee and have 20+ chickens, we can help you find a large chicken coop that would perfect for you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or request a quote and get started with your large chicken coop.

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