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Chicken Coop in Rhode Island

Dorothy and her husband love their flock of chickens and treat them like pets. They currently have 20 chickens and are expecting more. Owning chickens has been a great learning experience for their son as well, and he is deeply involved in caring for them. Continue reading to hear about Dorothy’s chicken coop journey.

Dorothy and her husband started with a store-brand coop and discovered their flock was going to quickly outgrow it. After experimenting with some other coops and methods to take care of their flock, they began to look for their final large chicken coop.

They had some requirements for their coop and began to shop around for the ideal chicken coop. Dorothy and her husband found The Hen House Collection at a store in their state, but the models on-site were not what they were looking for. Dorothy contacted The Hen House Collection and with their help began to design a custom large chicken coop for their flock. This coop was their best and final investment.

Q & A with Dorothy

What started your search for a chicken coop?

We started with a store-brand coop for our first six which we quickly outgrew and had issues with. We then added a dog house with a kennel, added another run, and bought three more coops to put inside. So basically we had three separate flocks, but one was in one area and two were together in another area. They had their own coop but shared a run.
We did not like having to clean 4 coops and having our flock separate as when they free range they integrated. That is when we started looking for our final coop

Tell me about your first interaction with The Hen House Collection or our dealers (Website, phone call, visit to the office, etc.)

I loved the looks and customization of your Coops and was determined to get one! The wonderful lady, Dawn, I spoke on the phone with was amazing. She answered all our questions, offered suggestions, and helped us build our dream coop.

We were very excited to give our deposit and were surprised that delivery was going to be free. She was wonderful and asked about our flock size, growth, what was important to us, etc. Our coop was custom-built, our run has an extra door on the back so we could connect it to our other runs!

What features and options did you request for your coop?

Delivery was amazing! He took the time to place and measure it exactly where we wanted it!

What do you love most about your chicken coop?

What we love most about our large chicken coop is the poop trays and size! Our flock now goes to bed at the same time every night and all together! No more worrying about who goes where and if we got them all in four different coops as they are all together!!!!

What would you change about your chicken coop?

We would have added a larger run. The run that came with it is too small to keep our flock in for any long period. We also would have added wire under the coop so nobody could go under it, so hard to get them back in when they hide under it! We also would not want the wire above the poop trays. That wiring is difficult to clean and gets our chicken’s mess stuck in it and then it stacks instead of dropping through the board.

We would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a sturdy and beautiful coop! It is absolutely stunning and does its job of keeping our flock safe and warm.

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We want to thank you, Dorothy, for choosing us for your chicken coop needs. We are happy to have provided you with safe housing for your flock.

If you are someone who has purchased a chicken coop from The Hen House Collection or one of our Authorized Dealers, please reach out to us and let us tell your chicken coop story. We love getting feedback from users of our chicken coops.

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