Matt’s Chicken Coop in Utah

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Chicken Coop in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Matt and his family raise chickens in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Matt had a pretty good idea of what he wanted as he started his search for a new coop. Continue reading to see what Matt’s requirements for his new coop were, and how The Hen House Collection met those.

Matt’s Coop Requirements


The functionality of the coop was a big factor for Matt. It was important to Matt that he would not have to need a bunch of extension cords running to his coop. Living in a seasonal environment, he needed a coop that was climate-controlled for extreme weather conditions. He wanted his kids to be able to operate the doors and latch easily.


Matt did not want an unattractive coop in his beautiful, well-maintained backyard. He and his wife wanted a coop that looked traditional and well-kept while providing the chickens with everything they needed.

Ease of Maintenance

Another important factor in buying his coop was simply the level of maintenance required to upkeep the coop. Matt wanted a coop that was easy to maintain and keep clean. Because he lived in a residential area, he wanted a coop that was as automatic as possible for simple maintenance.

Q & A with Matt

Tell me about your first interaction with The Hen House Collection or our dealers (Website, phone call, visit to the office, etc.)

“I searched for a few months and could not find a chicken coop that would meet all of my requirements. There were many options out there but none that touched on every category. I first came across The Hen House Collection because of the beautiful coop pictures that I saw. They all gave you the farmhouse look with high-quality features that would last a long time. As I started to look more into these features all my requirements started getting checked off.”

What features and options did you add?

“I got it wired for electricity. I can run my auto coop door (more to come on that awesome feature later), heat lamps, roost warmers, and even my wireless HD chicken cam all from inside the coop. No extra cords! A very clean setup. I was able to get the ceiling insulated to help keep the chickens even warmer in the bitter cold. It has the wire-covered window and a ventilation opening so that at night my chickens can take advantage of the cooler summer night while being safe and secure in their coop.”

The nest boxes have safety latches, so my children don’t slam their fingers while collecting eggs. The side door is large enough that anyone can get in the coop if needed for maintenance or cleaning. That door even locks and comes with a key!

My neighbors had never seen a better-looking coop. I get a lot of compliments on it all the time.

This chicken coop is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Every step of the process was simple and efficient. I was worried about the delivery because I did not live anywhere close to where the coop was being made.

The Hen House Collection made that process just like it was being bought from the neighbor next door. Their delivery crew was more than helpful. They unloaded the coop exactly where I needed it. It was seamless. I will continue to recommend the Hen House Collection to everyone.

Matt’s Thoughts on the Automatic Coop Door

I have been very impressed with the coop auto door that I got with the coop. It was easily programable and electrical connections were contained within the coop. My chickens caught onto the opening and closing process from day one. I never have to worry if they are safe and secure at night or if they can get out and enjoy the morning sunshine.

Matt’s chicken coop in Utah is a 4×4 prefab chicken coop, Quaker Style, with board and batten wood siding and a Copper Top. He has multiple additional features, such as the electrical package and the advanced auto coop door.

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