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8 Exotic Chickens for your Backyard

Myrna Kauffman - January 29, 2024

exotic chickens silkies

Are you a chicken lover and looking to add some color and spice to your flock? There are so many beautiful exotic chickens you could add to the group of hens in your backyard. There are fluffy chickens and colorful chickens. There are small chickens and large chickens. There are chickens with spiky feathers and chickens with no feathers at all!

While there are a lot of exciting and exotic chickens out there, we’re going to focus on some unique breeds that can coexist with other chickens well. Let’s take a look at 8 exotic chicken breeds that would be a good addition to your flock.

If you need some guidance on raising backyard chickens, take a look at our guide for beginners.

Exotic Chickens: Silkies

exotic chickens silkies

The first exotic chicken breed we’re going to take a look at is Silkies. These little birds are known for their fluffy feathers lacking the barbs that most chicken breeds have. This gives them a downy and silky appearance.

For more information on raising silkies, check out this article.

AppearanceSilky, Small boned, darker colored skin, a rounded crest of feathers on head, five toes instead of the usual four, varied feather colors
TemperamentDocile, gentle, calm, good with children, submissive
Egg ProductionRelatively low, 100-120 eggs a year
Cost$3-10 per chick, $15-50 per adult
ConcernsVulnerable to environmental and health challenges, low egg production, broodiness

Exotic Chickens: Frizzle Chickens

exotic chickens frizzle chickens

The frizzle chicken is another type of chicken that is named appropriately for its frizzled appearance. It is technically not a breed of chicken but rather a genetically programmed feather type. These exotic chickens are a good pick to add to your flock at home.

AppearanceFeathers that are curled outward, patterned feathers and colors, rounded compact body
TemperamentGenerally similar to their breed of chicken, calm and docile, compatible, inquisitive
Egg ProductionModerate, 150-200 eggs per year
Cost$10-20 per chick, $20-50 per adult
ConcernsFeather health, vulnerable to bad weather, feather parasites,

Exotic Chickens: Serama Chickens

exotic chickens serama chickens

The Serama chicken is the smallest breed of chicken in the world, generally under 18 oz. They have a very upright posture and are well-muscled. In Malaysia, their originating country, they are described as archangel chickens or warrior birds. For more information on these interesting birds, read this blog.

AppearanceFriendly, engaging, tame, confident, gentle with other chickens, easily handled
TemperamentFriendly, engaging, tame,confident, gentle with other chickens, easily handled
Egg ProductionRelatively low, 100-150 eggs a year
Cost$5-20 per chick, $20-100 per adult
ConcernsFragility, cold weather tolerance, limited egg production, special care, and attention

Exotic Chickens: Sultan Chickens

exotic chickens sultan chickens

Sultan chickens are a very unique and ornamental breed of chicken. The name is derived from the Turkish language and translates to Sarai Tuvak, meaning “fowls of the palace”. They were once favored by the rulers of Turkey.

AppearanceAbundant fluffy white feathers that cover their whole body, legs, and feet included, large upright crest, long droopy feathers that hang down near the tail, compact
TemperamentAbundant fluffy white feathers that cover their whole body, legs, and feet included, a large upright crest, long droopy feathers that hang down near the tail, compact
Egg ProductionLow, 80 -100 eggs a year
Cost$5-20 per chick, $30-75 per adult
ConcernsVulnerable to predators, feather maintenance, heat intolerance, low egg production

Exotic Chickens: Polish Chickens

exotic chickens polish chickens

This European breed of chicken is known for its remarkable crest of feathers. The hens will generally have a pom-pom hair-do which is neat and tidy, while the roosters will have a mop of feathers that can fall over their faces. Either way, the abundant fluff of feathers on the heads of these chickens can make their vision difficult.

AppearanceRound and full crest, variety of feather colors, medium-sized body with round shape, v-shaped cone, and wattles, abundant plumage on the body
TemperamentCalm, curious, non-aggressive, social, friendly,
Egg ProductionModerate, 150-200 eggs a year
Cost$5-20 per chick, $20-40 per bird
ConcernsLimited vision due to crest, feather maintenance, vulnerable to predators, crest damage or injuries, limited egg production

Exotic Chickens: Australorp

exotic chickens australorp

Australorps are a heavy breed of chicken known for being friendly and good with children. They have black feathers with a greenish-purple sheen. They are medium-sized chickens with sturdy builds and well-set legs.

Check out this list of best egg-laying chickens for more chicken breeds that are known for their high egg production.

AppearanceSleek and glossy plumage, black coloring, muscular build, relatively long black legs
TemperamentDocile and gentle, easygoing, social, good with children, gentle roosters
Egg ProductionHigh, 250-300 eggs a year
Cost$3-10 per chick, $10-30 per adult
ConcernsObesity and health issues, territorial rooster behavior at times, extra space

Exotic Chickens: Easter Egger Chickens

exotic chickens easter eggers

Easter Egger chickens are technically not a specific breed of chicken, but instead, chickens that are a result of a brown-egg chicken being bred with a bird carrying the blue-egg gene. These chickens are known for laying colored “Easter eggs,” like any shade of blue egg, and sometimes pink or yellow.

If you are interested in this type of chicken or want to know more about colored eggs, check out this article.

AppearanceVariety of plumage, medium-sized birds, varied feather types, feathered legs and crests, colored eggs,
TemperamentDocile, friendly, curious, social, non-aggressive, (The temperament of these birds can be influenced by a variety of factors, including their genetic background and individual socialization)
Egg ProductionModerate/High, about 200-250 eggs a year
Cost$3-10 per chick, $10-30 per adult
ConcernsVariable egg color, varied genetics, potential feather maintenance

Exotic Chickens: Cochin Chickens

exotic chickens cochin chickens

Cochin chickens are large domesticated chickens that are known for the large plumage of feathers covering their feet and legs. They are gentle and docile and known to be good pets.

Appearancelarge, fluffy plumage and feathered feet, rounded and compact body
TemperamentDocile, tame, non-aggressive, relaxed
Egg ProductionModerate, 160-180 eggs a year
Cost$5-15 per chick, $20-$50 per adult
ConcernsSize and space requirements, reduced mobility, feed consumption,

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