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Welcome to The Hen House Collection Frequently Asked Questions page! Here you will find the most commonly asked questions to The Hen House Collection such as “where can I buy a chicken coop?” along with our answers to those questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, go ahead and fill out our contact us form and include your question or just give us a call at 800-490-3163.


Where can I buy a chicken coop?

The Hen House Collection has a variety of styles, sizes, and colors of chicken coops ready to be purchased and delivered. We ship anywhere in the United States except for Alaska and Hawaii.

Can I buy direct from The Hen House Collection if there is a dealer in my area?

No, we do support our dealers and if a dealer is available in your area you will be referred to that dealer.

There is no dealer in my local area, can I still purchase a coop?

Yes, you can buy direct from The Hen House Collection if there are no dealers in your local area.

prefab chicken coops Q56 vinyl front

Do your Coops come assembled or in a kit form?

All Coops are delivered fully built, we do not offer any kit forms at this time.

Can I customize the coop or change the layout?

Yes, you can design the coop to your specifications. We will gladly work with your plans and quote the build accordingly. You can also reverse the layout if you need to have the man door/chicken door in another location to meet your needs and wants.


What is the difference between the litter tray and the epoxy floor?

A litter tray is a movable tray that is located under the roosting bar that collects waste, it slides out to be cleaned.

The Epoxy Floor is permanent and makes for an easy clean up as it can be washed down and wiped.

**Both options are extras and can be priced with your quote.

Is there anything special needed to be done in preparation for the delivery?

We recommend that the area you want the coop is as level as possible, if you are purchasing a large coop you may want a gravel foundation.


What is the difference between the Board and Batten versus DuraTemp?

Board and Batten is a stained surface, it will require maintenance every few years such as re-staining and the DuraTemp is a painted surface, it will require maintenance every 7-8 years such as repainting.

Is there any warranty?

We offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the actual coop for any defects or problems caused in the making of the structure.

LP Flooring, Siding and Roofing has a 10-year warranty.

Thank you for Visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page of The Hen House Collection. We hope you found the answers to most or all of your questions. If you are still wondering “where can I buy a chicken coop?” visit our Find a Dealer Page and enter your zip code to find the nearest supplier of chicken coops from The Hen House Collection. Feel free to fill out the contact us form and enter any additional questions you may have or just give us a call at 800-490-3163 to speak to someone directly!

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