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Chicken Coop in Shelton, Connecticut

After Pattya and her husband bought a new house, she convinced him to get some chickens, something she had been wanting for a while.

Her mother had grown up on a farm with chickens and had always talked about how chickens had such personalities. She felt bad for factory chickens that had been caged all their lives.

Pattya and her husband went to a local farm and garden center where she had seen coops before and was offered a Hen House Collection catalog. They said they were taking orders and coops would be delivered in the spring, fully assembled and placed on location.

They decided to start with the six pullets and chose a coop that was designed to house 8-10 chickens to give them a bit of extra room. It was important to Pattya that her chickens would be secure from predators, and she wanted chicken care to be effortless. The coop exceeded her expectations.

Q & A with Pattya

Tell me about your first interaction with The Hen House Collection or our dealers (Website, phone call, visit to the office, etc.)

When I asked they gave me a catalog for the Hen House Collection and said they were taking orders and coops would be delivered in the spring, fully assembled and placed on location at our house.

What features and options did you add?

I picked out the Q48C Board and Batten, 4×8 ft, cedar finish with gray shingles, cupola and weather vane on top, automatic door opener for the chickens, litter tray under roost bars, epoxy floor, insulated roof, and the electrical package.

The coop arrived in May, it was exactly what I’d hoped, very sturdy and beautifully designed, all the extra features I added were there and worked exactly as hoped.

What were you looking for in a coop?

Keeping the chickens secure from all the predators around us plus making caring for them easier were my two main focuses. I especially wanted the electrical package for the automatic door, a heater for their water in winter, and a light to see by inside the coop. We’ve also used it to connect our remote cameras.

What do you love most about your chicken coop?

“The litter tray makes cleaning out the coop a breeze, the windows and vent help keep it cool in summer and keep down odor, the electrical door means I don’t have to wake up crazy early or if I leave for the day worry that I forgot to let them out and I don’t have an extra chore in the evening.”

We hooked up cameras so we can check on them from anywhere and I can see that they’re safely in at night. I view our chickens firstly as pets and second as a source of fresh healthy eggs. I won’t have to worry at the condition of the birds that laid my eggs when I’m eating breakfast, I know my girls are pampered.

I would and have recommended The Hen House Collection for people looking for a coop, the craftsmanship is superb and it’s very sturdy.

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