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Chicken Coop Ideas for New and Existing Coops (50+ Pictures)

Building a chicken coop does not have to be a difficult process! Doing the right research, finding the chicken coop ideas you like, and using the correct chicken coop plans can break everything down for you and make it more digestible. Whether you’re looking to build or buy a chicken coop or elevate your current one, take a look below to find ideas, and plans to help you! 

Chicken Coop Plan Ideas

There is a big list of chicken coop ideas and styles on the internet. Here are a few that you can consider building or buying for your backyard! 

Chicken Coop Ideas: Combination Coop

A Fram Combo Chicken Coop Ideas

A combination-style chicken coop is one of the best chicken coop plans to use. This specific style will have a coop and a run for your chickens to walk around and relax in a protected environment. The run is typically attached to the coop which makes it that much safer for your chickens. You won’t see hawks swooping down and taking your chickens with this attachment! 

Chicken Coop Ideas: Quaker Coop

Quaker style chicken coop ideas

A quaker style chicken coop plan features a classic overhang design all while being one of the most attractive-looking options. The overhang that is found in quaker style chicken coop plans will give you and your chickens more headroom. With all the different paint and stain options available in the market, you can elevate a quaker style coop even more and have it complement your home as well! 

Chicken Coop Ideas: Walk-In Coop

walk in chicken coop ideas
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A walk-in coop is one of the most spacious plans. Giving your chickens a big area to explore, search for bugs, and wander will give them a relaxing and fun life which will allow them to get their job done more effectively. Because the walk-in coop is designed for you to… well, walk in… it gives them an elevated space which offers additional security against predators. 

Chicken Coop Ideas: Movable Coops

tractor style chicken coop ideas

Movable coops, sometimes known as tractor coops, are a perfect chicken coop plan if you own a large plot of land and would like to give your chickens the most freedom. Tractor coops come equipped with wheels which make them an easy chicken housing solution. You can change your chickens’ landscape as often as you want and let them explore new areas of your land. Your chickens will love the freedom this chicken coop plan gives them! 

Chicken Coop Ideas: Themed Coops

themed chicken coop ideas
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If you like to get creative with your projects, a themed chicken coop can be a great way to get creative! You can design your chicken coop into something from your favorite game, movie, or show. For example, this homeowner designed his chicken coop as if it was a saloon. A themed coop is a super cool way to really get involved with the chicken coop build and make it your own. 

Chicken Coop Ideas: Dutch Coops 

dutch style chicken coop ideas

A dutch coop has a similar design style as a barn. The gambrel roof maximizes the interior space and provides a unique look to your chicken coop. If you’re looking for a timeless and classic design, you can’t go wrong with a dutch barn-style chicken coop.

Chicken Coop Ideas: Garden Coops

garden chicken coop ideas
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Combining two simple ideas can lead to a beautiful backyard structure. If you’re an aspiring backyard farmer and want to add chickens to the mix, this could be the perfect option for you. Take a look at this premade design from Williams Sonoma which includes a planting box attached to the coop so you can multitask all while having a gorgeous home for your chickens!

Chicken coop ideas

Chicken Coop Ideas To Improve Existing Coops

If you already have an existing chicken coop and think it needs a touch-up or some new features to make it more modern, this list is for you! Check out the existing chicken coop ideas down below to get started. 

Existing Chicken Coop Ideas: Lighting

chicken coop ideas for lighting
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Have you ever wondered why your chickens stop producing eggs in the winter? It’s because it’s part of their biology. When their bodies detect colder temperatures and shorter days, they go into almost a hibernating state minus sleeping. To help offset this and keep producing eggs on some days, you can add lighting that emits a warm glow in your chicken coop. A little mood lighting can compensate for shorter days and encourage them to lay eggs. 

Existing Chicken Coop Ideas: Predator Proofing

predator proof chicken coop ideas
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If you’ve had your chicken coop for a while, it might be a good idea to go through it and make sure that there are no holes in your defense. Checking boards for rot, your run for loose wire, and holes under your coop can lead to better protection for your chickens. Predators, especially foxes, can be very cunning and get into your chickens and their eggs without you even knowing. Double-checking your coop and refortifying it is a great way to set your chickens up for success! 

Existing Chicken Coop Ideas: Nesting Boxes

nesting box chicken coop ideas
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Installing nesting boxes in your chicken coops can help increase egg production and give your chickens a more comfortable and relaxing space to lay their eggs. That is precisely what a nesting box is, a designated egg-laying box. Each nesting box can typically fit one chicken at a time and should be put somewhere in the chicken coop where your hens can easily access them. 

Existing Chicken Coop Ideas: Roost

roosting chicken coop ideas
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A roosting perch is a place for your chickens in your coop where they can sleep at night, up close and personal, with their flock mates. Roosts are typically built up high so predators can’t get to your chickens. This isn’t just a man-made thing but is actually in your chicken’s biologically. Historically speaking, chickens have been seeking high spots to sleep in for over 5000 years. Providing that spot gives your chickens comfort and can lead to more efficient egg-laying. 

Existing Chicken Coop Ideas: Venting 

chicken coop ideas for venting
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Proper circulation inside your chicken coop is key to healthy life for your chickens. If your coop does not have good air circulation, your chickens can get sick which is bad for egg production, but more importantly, your flock’s health will diminish. Installing venting will let hot air escape your coop without creating a draft. Consider this if you live in very hot climates! 

Existing Chicken Coop Ideas: Shade 

shade for chicken coops
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Adding shade to your coop can provide lots of benefits for your chickens. At the end of the day, they are living beings, and their bodies can only handle so much heat. If you’re in a very hot climate, those hot summer days can cause your chickens to suffer from heat stress, and can even halt their egg-laying process. Depending on the breeds you have among your flock, some heavier chickens could even die. Providing shade for your chickens is humane and is highly recommended so your chickens can have an area to get away from the heat and relax. 

Additional Chicken Coop Ideas Gallery

Should I Buy Or Build My Chicken Coop?

This is a very common question that many people have when they’re in the process of starting their backyard chicken farm. There are pros and cons on both sides. If you’re looking for a budget option that will get the job done all while giving yourself a fun side project on the weekends, building a chicken coop will be the right option for you. If you have the space in your budget and can’t set the time aside to build a chicken coop, buying one will be the right option for you.

Prebuilt chicken coops are built by professionals and will last and give you value for years to come. You can also customize the interior, exterior, paint, and much more when you buy your chicken coop.

Check out the short video down below to get some more chicken coop ideas and to determine if buying or building is the right option for you.

Wooden Chicken Coops For Sale 

amish built chicken coop ideas

Bird in Hand Pet Structures is a pioneer in Amish-built wooden chicken coops. For over a decade, we’ve honed our expertise and expanded our coop lineup to offer customers a wide variety of options to enhance their backyard and provide a comfortable home for their chickens. We are family owned and operated and because of that, we are able to better serve our customers and have a more intimate purchase process.

Every one of our coops is made from high-quality materials and handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen to give the utmost value to you and your chickens. Check out our inventory to see some of our already available coops. If you’d like to get in touch with us for a custom coop, you can do so here. We can’t wait to serve you!

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