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11 Most Friendly Chicken Breeds

Myrna Kauffman - December 15, 2023

We have compiled a list of 11 of the Most Friendly Chicken Breeds. This list is not exhaustive, and it is in no particular order. Not only have we listed how friendly these 11 chicken breeds are, but we also note how many eggs per year each breed typically lays. You will see that egg-laying varies widely, from an average of 120 to 280 eggs per year.

  1. Silkies
  2. Speckled Sussex
  3. Wyandottes
  4. Plymouth Rocks
  5. Buff Orpington
  6. Faverolles
  7. Rhode Island Reds
  8. Jersey Giants
  9. Cochins
  10. Easter Eggers
  11. Austrolorps

When choosing birds for your flock, you want to keep in mind why you are getting chickens as pets in the first place. If it is for egg production, then you will want to choose higher-yield birds. If it is more for pleasure and just to have them around, then you may want to choose smaller birds with a lower yield but look cuter, like Silkies.

Some of the chickens on this list are considered both friendly AND exotic. If you want some more information on friendly and exotic chickens to spice up your flock, check out this article.

Keep reading if you’re ready to learn about 11 of the most friendly chicken breeds that you can have in your flock. Figure out how many eggs you want per year and make your plans based on your property and how involved you can be with your chickens.

1. How Friendly Are Silkie Chickens?

Friendly Chicken Breeds

Silkies are the 1st on the list of our most friendly chicken breeds. They are known for being incredibly friendly and gentle. However, they are not one of the highest-yielding breeds in terms of egg-laying. Silkies average about 120 eggs per year if they are in a healthy, safe, relaxing environment.

2. How Friendly Are Speckled Sussex?

friendly chicken breeds speckled sussex

The 2nd chicken breed we’re highlighting on our list of 11 Most Friendly Chicken Breeds is the Speckled Sussex. Speckled Sussex usually lays about 250 eggs per year. These guys are very friendly and happen to be on the larger side. Speckled Sussex Roosters can get as large as 8 pounds, and hens can grow up to 6 pounds.

Speckled Sussex chickens love to be held, talked to, and petted. They are very friendly and will even follow you around if they see you as part of their flock.

3. How Friendly Are Wyandotte Chickens?

friendly chicken breeds wyandotte chickens

Wyandottes are 3rd on our list of most friendly chicken breeds. These birds are “cold hardy” as they say, which means they can handle cold weather. They handle confinement pretty well and are friendly, even-tempered birds that don’t mind being held.

Wyandottes produce about 250 eggs per year as long as they are kept in a safe environment, low-stress environment, and well cared for. Make sure you’re talking to your chickens and showing them that you love them regularly, and they’ll have no problem laying for you.

4. How Friendly Are Plymouth Rock Chickens?

Friendly Chicken Breeds (1)

Plymouth Rock Chickens are a great breed. 4th on our list of friendly chickens, they are some of the friendliest birds you can get. They make great pets for backyard growers and are quick to trust you as part of their flock if you are kind to them. They are one of the biggest layers on our list, coming in at a whopping 280 eggs per year! They love to be free-range and can handle all different types of weather. They are a good investment if you’re learning how to raise chickens, as they are pretty tough little birds.

5. How Friendly Are Buff Orpington Chickens?

friendly chicken breeds buff orpington

Ahhh you’ve seen these big orange chickens before, haven’t you? Buff Orpingtons have a very “classic” chicken look based on their size and coloring. We’ve placed them 5th on our list of friendly chickens because they have that classic chicken style, and they do happen to be very friendly birds.

Now, these guys are also more independent, which means you don’t have to worry about them every day if you’re a busy person but also want to raise chickens and enjoy some fresh eggs. Their egg production is moderate, but not as high as some of the other friendly chicken breeds on our list. Buff Orpingtons average around 200 eggs per year in an ideal environment.

6. How Friendly Are Faverolles Chickens?

friendly chicken breeds faverolles

Faverolles chickens are very friendly and docile. They are a great chicken breed to have as a pet flock. The thing to be careful about is that if mixed with other chicken breeds, they typically get treated poorly by other birds. It’s better to only have Faverolles chickens than a mixture of chicken breeds. They will produce 200 eggs per year on average if they are in a low-stress, happy environment. Egg production is affected negatively by hostile environments, so be aware of that.

7. How Friendly Are Rhode Island Red Chickens?

Friendly Chicken Breeds (2)

Rhode Island Red chickens are another classic chicken breed. They are widely known for how many eggs they can lay in a year. Rhode Island Red chickens can lay up to 280 eggs per year if they are happy and cared for well. This chicken breed is very friendly and known for being curious. They are a loving breed of chickens and enjoy foraging and exploring.

8. How Friendly Are Jersey Giant Chickens?

friendly chicken breeds jersey giants

These guys are giants. Jersey Giant chickens are a very friendly chicken breed and are also very large. Jersey Giant Roosters can stand 26 inches tall and weigh a whopping 15 pounds. Jersey Giant Hens can stand up to 20 inches tall and weigh as much as 11 pounds. They might look more intimidating due to their size, but Jersey Giants are, so friendly they may even become friends with your cat or dog. They need some space because of their size, but they’re a great bird to have in your flock, and they typically get along with other chicken breeds as well.

9. How Friendly Are Cochin Chickens?

friendly chicken breeds cochin chickens

The second-largest chicken breed on our list, Cochins is a very friendly chicken breed. These chickens are so friendly, they will enjoy sitting on your lap and taking care of their chicks. Cochins have been known to be so motherly that they take care of other small animals that lost their mother.

10. How Friendly Are Easter Egger Chickens?

friendly chicken breeds easter eggers

Technically, Easter Eggers are not their own breed of chicken, but rather a popular hybrid chicken from Araucana and Ameraucana Chickens. Easter Eggers are so popular because their eggs can be in different colors like pink, aqua, olive, green, or blue. They’re super friendly and have less energy, so they will sit on your lap and be completely content. They can produce up to 250 eggs per year when living in a safe, low-stress environment.

11. How Friendly Are Australorp Chickens?

friendly chicken breeds australorp

Australorp chickens are another hybrid breed that is a cross between Australian chickens and Orpington chickens. They easily produce 250 eggs per year in ideal living conditions. They are quieter than a lot of other chicken breeds, which is another reason they are popular. They tend to be low-energy and very gentle birds and can be content living out their days quietly in a coop or pen in your backyard.

How To Tame Your Friendly Chicken Breeds

friendly chicken breeds taming chickens

No matter what chicken breed you end up choosing, you will have to spend time training your chickens. Even the most friendly chicken breeds need to get used to being around people. There are a few things you can do to train your friendly chickens to love you and trust you.

  1. Talk to your baby chicks every day, and feed them, but limit holding them to once or twice a day. Baby chicks need a lot of rest and sleep, just like other baby animals.
  2. Begin petting them on their chests because they typically don’t like being petted on their heads like other animals.
  3. Once they’re a little bigger, you can start feeding them treats (Yep! Chickens like treats as much as other animals) like pieces of lettuce, mealworms, or chopped-up scrambled eggs.
  4. Always have a calm presence around your chickens. Remember that you’re bigger than they are and you always want to feel safe and calming to them.
  5. Once they’re used to you petting them, you can pick them up and hold them and pet them. Get them used to being handled by you, and many breeds will enjoy it over time.

Choosing The Best Chicken Coop For Your Friendly Chicken Breeds

Choosing the right hen house for your friendly chicken breeds is a big deal. Several things should factor into your decision.

  • Will your chickens spend most of their time in their chicken house, or will they be coming in and out regularly?
  • Do you live in an area where they will be susceptible to birds of prey, and do they need an enclosed chicken run attached to their chicken house?
  • How large does your chicken house need to be? If you have larger chickens like Cochins or Jersey Giants, you’re going to need a much larger chicken house.

These are all very important factors to take into consideration. Choosing the best chicken house for your friendly chickens will give them the safe place they need to lay lots of eggs and feel secure. They will live longer and happier lives in the right chicken house with the right amount of space and protection. If you have questions about what type of chicken coop is best you can contact Hen House Collection today, we’re ready to help you get the chicken coop you need.

Interested in Raising Chickens?

best chicken breeds

Check out our chicken coops that are simply designed to keep your chickens safe. Whether you love raising backyard chickens or have a chicken-related business, our sales team and network of dealers are always ready to help you create a safe and comfortable environment for your pet. Request a quote or call 888-318-4404.

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