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Chicken Coops in New Jersey

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In recent times, the trend of raising backyard chickens has gained significant traction in New Jersey, and rightfully so. Keeping your own flock can yield benefits like fresh eggs, enjoyable company, and natural pest management. However, when it comes to investing in a chicken coop, it’s crucial to weigh important factors such as dimensions, construction materials, and safety features. Here at Hen House Chicken, we offer a range of robust and cost-effective chicken coops for sale in New Jersey. Our collection features six distinct models, each available in various sizes, colors, and materials. Moreover, every chicken coop model we offer is fully customizable, ensuring they can be tailored precisely to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Whether you’re a farmer in need of a chicken coop, a backyard enthusiast looking to raise chickens as a hobby, or a small business owner, our chicken coops for sale in NJ cater to your needs. Designed to accommodate 5, 10, 50, or even 100 chickens, our coops offer versatility. With fully customizable options available, you have the freedom to create your coop precisely the way you envision it.

We have dealers located in numerous states across the country. If we’re not currently available in your area, you can still request a free quote by clicking the button below. Our team will work with you to design your custom chicken coop and arrange for it to be shipped directly to you.

Our Chicken Coop Styles

chicken coops for sale in california combination

The Combination Chicken Coop

This fully customizable chicken coops for sale in NJ stands out as one of our most popular models. Equipped with a small open run attached, your chickens can safely enjoy the outdoors. Recommended for small businesses and individuals seeking to raise chickens for daily fresh eggs, this model offers both practicality and convenience.

chicken coops for sale in california quaker

The Quaker Chicken Coop

The quaker-style chicken coops for sale in NJ is another popular model among chicken raisers. The one depicted in the picture is suitable for housing 50 to 55 chickens, but it is also available in smaller sizes, accommodating 4-6 or 6-8 chickens. Fully customizable, it offers a range of siding options to suit your preferences.

chicken coops for sale in california tractor

The Tractor Chicken Coop

The tractor chicken coops for sale in NJ is a mobile shelter for poultry, allowing access to fresh forage and protection. Rotation around the property prevents overgrazing, promoting soil health and reducing environmental impact. Available in different sizes and designs, it’s favored by backyard enthusiasts and small-scale farmers for sustainable poultry housing.

chicken coops for sale in california a frame

The A-Frame Chicken Coop

One of the key advantages of A-frame chicken coops for sale in New Jersey is their versatility. They can be easily adapted to accommodate various flock sizes, from a few chickens to a larger group. Additionally, their compact footprint makes them suitable for backyard settings where space may be limited.

chicken coops for sale in california dutch

The Dutch Chicken Coop

The dutch chicken coops for sale in New Jersey represents a classic and practical design that has been favored by chicken enthusiasts for generations. This style of coop is renowned for its charming aesthetic and functionality, making it a popular choice among poultry keepers.

chicken coops for sale in california lean to

The Lean-to Coop

Our lean-to coop for sale in NJ is available in various sizes to accommodate different flock sizes, from small backyard flocks to larger operations. Additionally, it can be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences, whether you require additional features or aesthetic modifications.

Chicken Coops by Number of Chickens

If you have a specific number of chickens in mind for your flock or have some chickens already, then we can help you find the best-size coop for them. We have categorized our coops according to the number of chickens they hold to help you out.

Whether you have ( or want) a chicken coop for 5 chickens, 12 chickens, 40 chickens, or 100 chickens, we have the size you need and most likely in the style you want it.

Chicken Coops by Size for Your Perfect Fit

When it comes to chicken coop size, we provide a comprehensive range to suit various needs. Our selection of small chicken coops encompasses sizes ranging from 3×4 to 7×12, ensuring there’s an option to fit every requirement.

Our large range of chicken coops, offering sizes from 7×16 to 12×24 chicken coops and all sizes in between. Take your time browsing through our selection to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Regulations for Chicken Coops in New Jersey

In New Jersey, like in every state across America, regulations regarding the ownership of chicken coops in residential backyards are in place. However, these regulations may vary depending on the specific town or city. It is advisable to thoroughly research and understand the rules applicable to your locality before finalizing your purchase.


Typically, chickens are permitted within residential zones in New Jersey, yet restrictions regarding the quantity of chickens permitted, coop dimensions, and placement on your premises may apply. For inquiries regarding these regulations, it is recommended to contact your local zoning authority.

Number of Chickens

In many cities and towns across New Jersey, the number of chickens permitted is determined by the lot area of the residential property. For instance, in the town of Evesham, NJ, if your lot area is 5000 square feet, you are only allowed to keep 3 chickens.

Distance Requirements

In New Jersey, in the majority of towns and cities, every chicken coop and enclosed run must be situated a minimum of 10 feet away from any property boundary and at least 15 feet away from any primary residential dwelling unit on an adjacent property. It’s important to note that this 15-foot setback excludes both attached or detached garages, as well as other accessory buildings and structures.

Chicken Coop Necessities

Ample Space

As a chicken farmer, you must not overcrowd your coop. Overcrowded coops are not only smelly and unsanitary, but they can cause problems among the hens, like pecking and fighting, and may cause disease in some cases.

Try to factor in about 4 square feet of space for each chicken in your flock. If you have a flock of 5 hens, you might want to aim for a 4×5 coop or something similar, giving your chickens 20 square feet of space. There are many chicken coops on the market, and finding a chicken coop that is the right size for your flock should not be a problem.

Proper Ventilation

When designing your new chicken coop, it’s important to prioritize proper ventilation. Insufficient ventilation can lead to respiratory issues and unpleasant odors within the coop. Chickens require fresh air to maintain their health so including windows in the coop and ensuring an open chicken run can enable this. However, it’s essential to balance ventilation with protection from predators.

Security and Protection

Building sturdy and durable coops is necessary for chicken farmers, particularly in regions with chicken predators like raccoons, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and even household dogs in California. Using wire and flimsy wood in construction makes coops vulnerable to infringements by these predators.

It’s advisable to steer clear of chicken wire in such areas and use stronger materials. Additionally, strengthen doors with strong latches and ensure windows are properly sealed to improve coop security and safeguard the flock.

Necessary Features

Every coop should have a certain amount of built-in features. Generally, it is wise to include nesting boxes and a roosting bar inside the coop.

Feeding and watering solutions are important for sustaining your hens’ health and productivity. Additionally, bedding materials such as wood shavings or sand help maintain cleanliness and comfort within the coop.

Also, it’s essential to provide a designated outdoor area, known as a “run,” where the hens can freely roam, peck, and forage in the grass and dirt. This outdoor space promotes natural behavior and overall well-being for the chickens.

Many of these features can be constructed or purchased separately, or you can opt for pre-built coops that already include these essential components.

Counties And Cities We Serve in New Jersey

  • Newark
  • Jersey City
  • Paterson
  • Columbus
  • North Brunswick Township
  • Bridgeton
  • Howell
  • Elizabeth

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