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Chicken Coops in Moorhead MN

Are you ready to start a new adventure with your family? Raising backyard chickens is a great hobby to teach your children responsibility while supplying your family with fresh and delicious eggs. Our chicken coops in Moorhead MN, are the perfect choice for those starting to raise chickens or seasoned chicken farmers alike. Northland Sheds in Moorhead, MN, is a supplier of top-quality chicken coops from The Hen House Collection. Visit this dealer or contact them to find out what coops are currently in stock and ready to be delivered to your property!

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Chicken coops from The Hen House Collection aren’t your average coops. We are dedicated to delivering deluxe and top-notch chicken coops in Moorhead, MN. Whether you’re a chicken farming enthusiast or involved in profitable egg production, our range of coops ensures sufficient space for both you and your feathered friends. Designed with the goal of protecting your chickens from predators, our coops also offer generous space for exercise and roosting.

Discover the variety of chicken coop sizes and styles in our collection to find the ideal fit for your property. Whether you need a chicken coop for residential or commercial use, The Hen House Collection has your needs covered. If a local dealer is not available, we offer shipping across the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Our objective is to guarantee secure and comfortable homes for chickens nationwide, ensuring accessibility to our coops for everyone!

Residential Backyard Chicken Coops in Moorhead MN

For Moorhead, MN, residents with a backyard flock in need of a premium chicken coop, your search ends here! Our coops are carefully designed to offer your chickens a comfortable home, streamlining your tasks for a more efficient experience. The built-in features of our chicken coops make cleaning and egg gathering a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free process. Whether you’re in need of a spacious coop for 100 chickens or a compact starter chicken coop for 5 chickens, you’ll find the ideal solution right here!

Commercial Backyard Chicken Coops in Moorhead MN

Are you looking to enhance your commercial egg-raising venture with a new facility? We provide different sizes of coops all the way up to 12×24 chicken coops to house large flocks of hens. Our premium chicken coops in Moorhead, MN, offer a secure haven for your flock, allowing them to roost and lay eggs without worries about predators. Choose from our combination coops to provide your chickens with an area for natural foraging and pecking. With a range of styles to choose from, you can select the finish that perfectly complements your property!

Backyard Chicken Coop Styles:

Combination Style Chicken Coops in Moorhead MN

This unit combines a chicken coop with a run area, creating a protected space for your chickens to move around freely. Add a wheel system into this setup to effortlessly move the entire coop. This guarantees that your chickens enjoy a different grazing area daily, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh space for them to explore.

The Quaker Style Chicken Coops in Moorhead MN

The Quaker chicken coop serves as an appealing and attractive home for your poultry, ensuring protection against potential predators. Its robust construction provides a secure resting place for your chickens throughout the night.

The Tractor Style Chicken Coops in Moorhead MN

Known as chicken coop tractors, portable chicken coops offer a mobile housing solution that diminishes the presence of bugs in your outdoor space. Granting your chickens access to these insects not only encourages a healthy diet for your birds but also effectively manages unwanted pests on your property.

The A-Frame Style Chicken Coops in Moorhead MN

Our A-Frame chicken coops are crafted with easy cleaning in mind, making them a perfect addition to your backyard. Streamlining the process of raising chickens, these coops offer a secure environment for your birds and make care routines more straightforward, especially suitable for children.

The Dutch Style Chicken Coops in Moorhead MN

Ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet chickens is important for your egg-raising venture. The barn-style chicken coops seamlessly blend security features with visual appeal, serving as an attractive focal point in your backyard and providing a safe haven for your feathered friends.

The Lean-To Chicken Coops in Moorhead MN

The Lean-To chicken coop simplifies the egg collection process and provides essential protection for your chickens. Keeping your chickens in this high-quality coop enables you to enjoy organic eggs while easily overseeing and managing their diet.

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