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7×20 Chicken Coops

7x20 Chicken Coop

If you’re in the market for a new chicken coop, you’re in the right spot! The Hen House Collection specializes in 7×20 chicken coops, providing a secure and sheltered haven for your flock. Located in the beautiful Lancaster, PA, we cater to customers across the entire United States. We have a widespread network of dealers nationwide, making it easy for you to locate a brand-new chicken coop. Find a dealer nearby to give your hens a brand-new home.

Our 7×20 chicken coops offer a range of customization options, including colors, siding, and additional features. This allows you to tailor your coop to your exact preferences in both appearance and functionality. Built with standard features, our coops are known for their durability and robustness, making them an excellent choice for chicken housing.

7×20 Chicken Coop for your Flock


7x20 Chicken Coop with Run
  • LP siding
  • 7′ x 14′ run area
  • 6′ x 7′ chicken coop area
  • 101″ high
  • 6 nesting boxes
  • Navajo with siding w/ clay trim
  • Weathered gray shingles


7x20 Chicken Coop
  • Board and batten siding
  • 7′ x 14′ run area
  • 6′ x 7′ chicken coop area
  • 101″ high
  • 6 nesting boxes
  • Cedar stain
  • Walnut brown shingles

Our 7×20 Chicken Coop Diagrams


coop diagrams

How Many Chickens Can Fit in a 7×20 Chicken Coop?

A 7×20 chicken coop provides comfortable space for approximately 15-20 chickens. For larger breeds, it’s advisable to keep fewer than 15 chickens so that each chicken has plenty of space. With smaller breeds, you can likely accommodate more. Regardless of the breed, it’s crucial to ensure each chicken has sufficient space for movement and growth. If you’re in need of a chicken coop for 15 chickens, this one is an ideal choice!

Things to Consider When Buying a Coop

Think About the Breed of Chicken:
If you’re raising larger chicken breeds, it’s wise to opt for a more spacious coop to guarantee they have ample room for comfortable living. With smaller chickens, there’s often more flexibility in terms of capacity. Before you decide on a 7×20 chicken coop, ensure your hens will have generous space to thrive.

Roosting Area: It’s crucial to ensure your coop offers sufficient roosting space. Roosting is a vital part of a chicken’s routine, providing them with a sense of security and comfort.

Outdoor Enclosure: A complete chicken coop setup should incorporate an outdoor run. Chickens greatly benefit from the opportunity to explore the outdoors, engaging in natural behaviors like pecking, dust bathing, and scratching. It’s imperative to verify that your run is sturdy enough to deter potential predators such as foxes and stray dogs.

Predator Protection: How well are your chickens shielded from potential predators? Are your coop doors designed to be predator-proof, and are the walls robust enough to deter crafty creatures? Investing in a 7×20 chicken coop constructed from high-quality materials not only ensures the safety of your chickens but also provides a barrier against potential threats.

Our Chicken Coop Styles

The Combination Coop


Our best-selling chicken coop and run offers a combination of interior space and an outdoor run.

The Quaker Coop

Chicken Coop for 14 Chickens Q48 with LP

Our prefab chicken coop makes a charming and functional addition to your chicken-raising set-up.

The Tractor Coop

q34t (2)

Our mobile Chicken Coop Tractor is designed to make moving your chicken coop a breeze!

The A-Frame Coop

Chicken Coop for 9 Chickens A46 with LP

Our practical and simple A-Frame Chicken Coop is finished with a peaked roof for a classic charm.

The Dutch Coop

Chicken Coop for 14 Chickens D66 with LP

This barn-style chicken coop is finished with a gambrel roof that provides extra interior space.

Lean-to Coop


Our small chicken coop is designed with smaller spaces in mind so you can nestle it against a wall.

Need a Different Size of Coop?

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