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5×6 Chicken Coop

q56 5x6 chicken coop in pa

Looking for a 5×6 chicken coop for your hens? Look no further! The Hen House Collection specializes in crafting top-notch chicken coops in Lancaster, PA. Our network of dealers spans nationwide, so you’ll find the perfect coop no matter where you live.

Whether you want a 5×6 chicken coop with wheels or a coop with a run attached, we can make sure your chickens have just what they need to live a happy and healthy life. Our coops can be customized in a variety of ways to meet the needs and wants of your flock. We offer a large selection of chicken coop accessories and features. Maybe you want electricity in your coop, or extra insulation and heated roosts. Either way, we would love to give your chickens the 5×6 chicken coop of their dreams.

5×6 Chicken Coops for your Flock


q56 5x6 chicken coop in pa
  • LP Siding
  • 94″ high – 8″ off the ground
  • 6 nesting boxes
  • Red siding with white trim
  • Weathered gray shingles

Shown with optional wire over windows.


q56 b+b 5x6 chicken coop in pa
  • Board and batten siding
  • 94″ high – 8″ off the ground
  • 6 nesting boxes
  • Brown cedar stain
  • Weathered gray shingles

Our 5×6 Chicken Coop Diagrams


Q56 diagram

How Many Chickens Can Fit in a 5×6 Chicken Coop?

You can comfortably fit about 15-18 chickens in a 5×6 coop. If you are looking to raise a larger flock, you should consider sizing up to a 5×8 chicken coop. It is essential that your chickens are not tight on space in their home. A 5×6 chicken coop is a good chicken coop for 15 chickens.

Things to Consider When Buying a Coop

Chicken Breed Considerations – What breed of chickens are you raising? If you have larger breeds like Brahmas, it’s advisable to consider a larger coop or keeping a smaller amount of chickens.

Roosting and Nesting Space – Ensure that there is ample space in the coop for your chickens to comfortably roost and lay their eggs. Sufficient-sized nesting boxes are essential for your chickens’ well-being.

Outdoor Enclosure – Providing an outdoor run is crucial for your chickens’ well-being. They need space to roam, scratch, and explore. There are coops available with attached runs, or you can create a separate outdoor area for them.

Predator Protection – How secure is your coop? It’s vital to select a 5×6 chicken coop constructed from durable materials that can keep out predators.

Our Chicken Coop Styles

The Combination Coop


Our chicken coop and run combination is the best-selling coop in our collection!

The Quaker Coop

Chicken Coop for 14 Chickens Q48 with LP

This prefab chicken coop features a charming overhanging roof.

The Tractor Coop

q34t (2)

Our Chicken Coop Tractor is outfitted with wheels for easy moving.

The A-Frame Coop

Chicken Coop for 9 Chickens A46 with LP

The A-Frame Chicken Coops are finished with an iconic peaked roof.

The Dutch Coop

Chicken Coop for 14 Chickens D66 with LP

Our barn-style chicken coop boasts a charming aesthetic for your backyard.

Lean-to Coop


This small chicken coop saves you space by fitting perfectly against a wall.

Need a Different Size of Coop?

4×8 Chicken Coops

q48c (1)

If you have a flock of chickens that’s a bit smaller and are looking for a coop to accommodate them, check out our 4×8 chicken coops!

5×8 Chicken Coops

q58 (1)

Looking for something just a bit bigger than our 5×6 chicken coop? Check out our 5×8 chicken coop to find what you need!