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10×12 Chicken Coops

q1012 10x12 Chicken Coop in PA

Are you looking for an upgrade for your chickens’ home? Look no further than a 10×12 chicken coop from the Hen House Collection! We take pride in offering our customers elite chicken coops that make comfortable and secure homes for their hens. Our home base is in Lancaster, PA, but our coops are available all across the United States through our network of dealers. Find a dealer that’s close to you to discover our deluxe coops!

We offer our coops in a variety of styles and sizes. While the general looks of our coops differ, the standard features are the same across the board. We hold our coops to a high standard, and our standard features reflect that. If you want to make your 10×12 chicken coop to be even more deluxe, check out the custom accessory options to find all the add-ons we offer.

10×12 Chicken Coops for your Flock


q1012 10x12 Chicken Coop
  • Board and Batten Siding
  • 12 Nesting Boxes
  • Cedar Stain
  • Walnut Brown Shingles
  • Three 24″ x 36″ windows

Our 10×12 Chicken Coop Diagrams


Q1012 diagram

How Many Chickens Can Fit in a 10×12 Chicken Coop?

A 10×12 chicken coop is designed to accommodate 50-55 chickens. This size coop is perfect for someone looking for a place to raise a large flock of chickens. When you’re thinking about a new coop, make sure you carefully consider how much space your chickens will need to thrive. As a general rule, a chicken should have 2-3 square feet to itself. You can add an exterior run to this coop to give your chickens more space to roam! If you’re searching for a chicken coop for 50 chickens, your search ends here!

Things to Consider When Buying a Coop

Choice of Chicken Breeds – What types of chickens are you thinking of raising? If you are raising a larger breed, make sure you choose a larger coop, or don’t keep as many chickens in your flock.

Roosting and Nesting – Roosting and nesting is a natural habit for chickens. It’s key that your coop is equipped with features that provide your chickens with a place to roost and nest. This will help your chickens stay happy and healthy!

Safe Outdoor Space – Your chickens will love to get outside and spend time foraging on the ground. Roaming, pecking, and bathing in the dust are all natural for chickens and you should give them a good space to do that in. Your outdoor space needs to be secure and predator-proof so your chickens can forage in peace.

Safety From Predators – Is your main coop secure as well? Our 10×12 chicken coop is built with durable materials that make your coop a secure home for your hens. A secure coop door is essential to keeping foxes and raccoons out of your coop.

Our Chicken Coop Styles

The Combination Coop


This best-selling chicken coop and run combination is popular because of its convenient combination.

The Quaker Coop

Chicken Coop for 14 Chickens Q48 with LP

Finished with a charming overhanging roof, our prefab chicken coop will keep your hens happy!

The Tractor Coop

q34t (2)

Outfitted with durable wheels, our Chicken Coop Tractor offers great mobility for your coop.

The A-Frame Coop

Chicken Coop for 9 Chickens A46 with LP

These A-Frame Chicken Coops are a functional and attractive way to start on the adventure of raising chickens.

The Dutch Coop

Chicken Coop for 14 Chickens D66 with LP

Our barn-style chicken coop has a spacious interior thanks to the classic finish of a gambrel-style roof.

Lean-to Coop


Park this practical and efficient small chicken coop against a wall to give you extra space in your backyard.

Need a Different Size of Coop?

8×10 Chicken Coops


Looking for a coop that’s a step smaller? Check out our 8×10 chicken coop to find a coop that fits the size of your flock.

10×16 Chicken Coops

10x16 Chicken Coop Quaker

Want a larger coop? Our 10×16 chicken coop is a step up in size. Take a look at all the information about this size of coop!