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Chicken Coops in New York

chicken coops in new york

Raising backyard chickens has become increasingly popular as more and more people discover the joys of farm-fresh eggs. The Hen House Collection has what you need if you are looking for a new coop for your backyard flock. Our coops are built with durable materials and are fully customizable, so you can design your coop to meet the needs of your chickens.

If you want to raise chickens in your backyard in New York, we have what you need to get started. The Hen House Collection is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but we sell chicken coops nationwide via our network of dealers.

The Hen House Collection has many dealers in New York. To find the nearest dealer to your location, simply click the button below and enter your address. Don’t worry if you are not within range of our listed dealers! We will work directly with you and help you find the perfect coop for your flock.

Lowery’s – Berwick, ME

Quality Chicken Coops in Berwick ME If you’re in the market for chicken coops in Berwick ME, you’ve landed in the perfect spot! Lowery’s proudly offers top-notch coops from The Hen House Collection. Each coop is meticulously crafted at our facility and conveniently delivered to your preferred location. Our selection features premium materials and expert […]

Pierce Outdoors – Scarborough ME

Quality Chicken Coops in Scarborough ME If you’re searching for chicken coops in Scarborough ME, you’re in luck! Pierce Outdoors is your go-to spot. We’re proud to offer top-notch coops from The Hen House Collection. Our coops are meticulously crafted at our facility and can be delivered directly to your preferred location. We specialize in […]

Amish Artistry- Sarasota, FL

Quality Chicken Coops in Sarasota FL If you’re looking for chicken coops in Sarasota FL, you’re in luck! Amish Artistry proudly represents The Hen House Collection, offering top-quality coops in the sunny Sarasota area. Each coop is carefully crafted at our facility and delivered right to your preferred location. Our coops combine premium materials and […]

Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops

Quality Chicken Coops in Argyle, Texas If you’re looking for chicken coops in Argyle Texas, you’ve come to the right place! Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops is a proud dealer of top-quality coops from The Hen House Collection! Each of our coops is carefully designed and constructed at our facility and then delivered right where you […]

Brad’s Barns & Gazebos Inc

In-Stock Chicken Coops In Kingston NY If you need chicken coops in Kingston NY, come check out our in-stock coops at Brad’s Barns & Gazebos! The Henhouse Collection provides New York and forty-seven other states with top-quality chicken coops through our network of dealers. These coops come in a variety of styles and sizes, so […]

Our Chicken Coop Styles

chicken coops in new york combination

The Combination Chicken Coop

The Combination Coop is a favored choice featuring an attached run, allowing your chickens to move in and out of the coop freely and enjoy some fresh air.

chicken coops in new york quaker

The Quaker Chicken Coop

Another well-liked option is the Quaker Coop, which includes a roof overhang. This coop can be customized and includes all the necessary features.

chicken coops in new york tractor

The Tractor Chicken Coop

If you’re seeking a coop that you can easily relocate, consider our Tractor Coop. It comes equipped with wheels and a handle, making it simple to move around your lawn. Ideal for small flocks.

chicken coops in new york aframe

The A-Frame Chicken Coop

This coop is constructed with a sturdy A-frame design and is available in various sizes. We even provide an A-Frame coop to accommodate up to 100 chickens in your backyard.

chicken coops in new york dutch

The Dutch Chicken Coop

The Dutch Coop is the ideal choice if you like the barn-style roof. This coop design maximizes interior headspace and incorporates all the features that make for a great coop.

chicken coops in new york lean to

The Lean-to-Chicken Coop

Introducing our new stunning coop, the Lean-to Coop, featuring large windows for added sunlight and ventilation. This lovely option is perfect for your backyard flock and can be easily placed against a wall or fence.

Chicken Coops by # of Chickens

Not sure about the size of the coop you need for your chicken flock? No worries! We’ve categorized our chicken coops in New York based on the number of chickens they comfortably accommodate, making it simple to find the ideal fit for your desired number of chickens.

Whether you’re looking for a chicken coop for 6, 15, 30, or even 100 chickens, we have the size you need, most likely in the style you want.

Chicken Coops by Size

We’ve got you covered if you have a specific size for your coop. Whether you’re interested in a 4×6 chicken coop or have your sights set on a 6×10 chicken coop, we offer prefab coops chicken coops in New York in a wide range of sizes – over 20 different options!

Our coop sizes vary from 3×4 chicken coops to 12×24 chicken coops, with sizes available in between. Take a look at our selection of chicken coop sizes and choose the one that suits your needs.

Regulations for Chicken Coops in New York

In New York State, the laws and regulations regarding backyard chickens are determined by each municipality, so it is important to check the rules and regulations in your specific area. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

Roosters are typically not permitted within city limits due to noise concerns. Additionally, in some areas, obtaining a permit may be necessary for keeping backyard chickens.


You can usually keep backyard chickens in New York, but it’s crucial to know local zoning regulations. Check with your local government to see if any restrictions are in place.

Health Regulations

Maintaining your chickens’ health and ensuring they are disease-free is essential. Regular veterinary check-ups are advisable.

Coops and Runs

Coops and runs must be secure against predators, adequately ventilated, and kept clean to prevent disease and pest issues. They should also provide sufficient space based on the number of chickens you have. Chicken feed must be stored in a secure container to prevent access by rodents and other animals.

Chicken Coop Necessities

Ample Space

One of the biggest mistakes chicken farmers can make is overcrowding their coops. Having too many chickens in a small space leads to poor sanitation and ventilation, which can cause increased aggression among the chickens.

It’s recommended to provide around 4 square feet of space per chicken. For example, if you have 20 chickens, you might consider an 8×10 chicken coop, providing them with 80 square feet of space. With numerous chicken coops available, finding one that fits the size of your flock shouldn’t be hard.

Proper Ventilation

It’s important to provide proper ventilation for your hens when designing your new chicken coop. Chickens require fresh air to remain healthy, so installing windows in the coop and having an open chicken run can help improve ventilation. Without enough ventilation, chickens may develop respiratory problems, and unpleasant odors can accumulate inside the coop.

However, while ensuring good airflow is crucial, protecting the coop from severe weather conditions is also crucial, particularly in regions with harsh winters. Shielding the coop from direct wind and snow is essential to keep your chickens safe and comfortable during bad weather.

Security and Protection

Another frequent mistake chicken farmers make is constructing coops that lack sufficient strength and durability, particularly in areas with chicken predators. Predators such as raccoons, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and even household dogs can easily breach a weak wire and flimsy wood coop. It’s advisable to avoid using chicken wire if you’re aware of nearby chicken predators. Instead, opt for sturdy doors with strong latches and ensure the windows are properly sealed.

Necessary Features

Every chicken coop should have specific features to ensure the well-being of your flock. Interior roosts are essential, providing a perch for chickens to rest on at night. If you have laying hens, nesting boxes are crucial to offer a private spot for egg-laying.

Additionally, remember to include feeding and watering solutions within the coop. Bedding materials like wood shavings or sand should also be provided for comfort and cleanliness.

It’s also important to have a designated “run” area where your hens can roam outdoors to peck in the grass and dirt. Many of these features can be included in a DIY coop or purchased as part of pre-built coop designs.

Cities We Serve in New York

  • Syracuse
  • Niagara Falls
  • Utica
  • Yonkers
  • Binghamton
  • Ithaca
  • Oneonta
  • Olean

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