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Chicken Coops for Sale in Portland ME

chicken coops for sale in portland me

Are you ready to give your hens a new home? Explore our selection of chicken coops for sale in Portland ME, and discover what we have to offer. Our chicken coops are constructed with sturdy materials and designed to withstand years of use, ensuring your hens are always safe and comfortable. We provide customizable chicken coops in terms of size, style, and color, and we’re excited to assist you in creating the perfect coop for your feathered friends.

Finding a coop that caters to your chickens’ needs can be challenging. At The Hen House Collection, our goal is to assist you in designing a coop that meets all your needs. While we are based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we distribute coops nationwide through a network of dealers, including one in Maine.

To find the nearest dealer to your location in Portland ME, click the button below and input your address. If none are nearby, rest assured we’re here to help you find the perfect coop you’re looking for.

Our Chicken Coop Styles

The Combination Coop

chicken coops for sale in portland me combination

A top-selling option, the Combination Coop comes with an attached run, allowing your chickens to move freely in and out of the coop.

The Quaker Coop

chicken coops for sale in portland me quaker

The Quaker Coop, known for its slight roof overhang, is another favored choice for your backyard flock.

The Tractor Coop

chicken coops for sale in portland me tractor

Are you looking for a portable solution? The Tractor coop is perfect for smaller flocks and offers easy mobility from one location to another.

The A-Frame Coop

chicken coops for sale in portland me a frame

This standard coop with an A-frame roof is an excellent choice for your flock, whether you have 5 chickens or 100.

The Dutch Coop

chicken coops for sale in portland me dutch

The Dutch Coop boasts a sloped barn-style roof, adding a charming touch to your backyard flock. This coop also offers ample interior space.

The Lean-to Coop

chicken coops for sale in portland me lean to

A contemporary coop design, the Modern Lean-to includes larger windows to provide even more sunlight and ventilation inside.

Regulations for Chicken Coops for Sale in Portland ME

If you have chickens in Portland ME, you will probably need to adhere to certain regulations in your area. According to this article, below are some regulations that may apply to your coop in Portland ME.

Number of Chickens

A maximum of six chickens is permitted per lot, regardless of the number of dwelling units present. Only female chickens are allowed, and there are no restrictions on chicken species.

Coops and Runs

Chickens must be housed in an enclosure or fenced area (chicken pen) during daylight hours. These enclosures must be clean, dry, and free from odor. They must also be kept tidy and sanitary to avoid disturbing neighboring lots due to noise, odor, or other adverse impacts.

The chicken pen should offer sufficient sun and shade and be impermeable to rodents, wild birds, and predators, including dogs and cats. It should be constructed with sturdy wire fencing buried at least 12 inches into the ground and covered with wire, aviary netting, or solid roofing. The use of chicken wire is prohibited.

Coop Regulations and Health

Chickens must have constant access to feed and clean water, ensuring these resources are inaccessible to rodents, wild birds, and predators. Waste management is essential; therefore, arrangements must be made for the storage and removal of chicken manure. All stored manure must be covered by a fully enclosed container.

On any property housing chickens, no more than one twenty-gallon container of manure is allowed to be stored, with all other manure promptly removed. Furthermore, cleanliness in the henhouse, chicken pen, and surrounding area is necessary, ensuring they are free from trash and accumulated droppings.

Chicken Coop Stories

Curious about how our customers are utilizing our chicken coops? Take a look at Pattya’s chicken coop in Connecticut and see firsthand how a coop from The Hen House Collection has transformed her experience.

chicken coops for sale in portland ME

Chicken Coops for Sale in Portland: Commonly Asked Questions

What breed of chickens are best suited for backyard environments?

If you’re considering expanding your flock and enjoying fresh eggs, you have a plethora of chicken breeds to choose from. Among the most popular egg-laying breeds are Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, Sussex, Australorps, Plymouth Rocks, and numerous others. For further details on breeds known for their exceptional egg-laying abilities, explore our blog post on the Best Egg-laying Chickens.

How do I protect my chickens from predators?

Chicken farmers often make mistakes in safeguarding their chickens from predators. One prevalent error is constructing coops that lack sufficient strength, particularly in regions where predators abound.

In areas like Maine, predators like raccoons, coyotes, foxes, weasels, and even domestic dogs can effortlessly breach coops constructed with weak wire and flimsy wood. If you’re cognizant of predators in your vicinity, refrain from using chicken wire and instead choose stronger materials for your coop. Ensure that the coop’s doors feature sturdy latches and properly seal the windows to prevent predators from gaining entry.

What should I feed my chickens, and how much?

In addition to their standard layer feed, chickens can gain nutritional benefits from consuming greens like lettuce, kale, and turnip greens. They may also appreciate occasional treats such as watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries, although moderation is key.

Typically, a laying hen consumes approximately a quarter pound of feed daily, totaling around one and a half pounds per week. However, this quantity may vary depending on the size or breed of your chickens.

Other Cities We Serve in Maine


chicken coops for sale in portland me augusta

Are you stationed in the Augusta area and looking for a new chicken coop for your flock? Check out our coop options and find just the one you need!


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Living in Lewiston ME, and on the lookout for a new coop? We have just the one for you! Choose the coop you need and Customize it to fit the needs of your flock.

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