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Chicken Coops in Iowa

chicken coops in iowa

Chicken coops are growing in popularity nationwide as raising backyard flocks becomes more and more common. If you want to start your flock in your backyard for fresh eggs or meat, or if you simply want to replace your current one, we have the coops for you. Our chicken coops are available in a large selection of sizes and are fully customizable, so you can design your coop how you like it.

Are you having a difficult time finding coops in Iowa? We can help you out! The Hen House Collection is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but we sell and deliver coops nationwide via a network of dealers.

Whether you live in Des Moines, Ames, Urbandale, or Cedar Falls, we would happily deliver your coop to you! To see if our dealer in Iowa is close to your location, simply click the button and enter your address. If a dealer is not within range, that is no problem! We would happily work with you directly and get you the needed coop.

Northland Sheds – Sheldon IA

Chicken Coops in Sheldon IA Are you thinking about starting a new venture of raising chickens, or are you looking for a new home for your chickens? Whichever is the case, you’ve come to the right place! Northland Sheds provides top-quality chicken coops in Sheldon IA, and the surrounding areas. Northland Sheds is a proud […]

Our Chicken Coop Styles

chicken coops in iowa combination

The Combination Chicken Coop

The Combination Coop is our best-selling option, featuring a built-in run for your chickens. With this coop, your hens can enjoy the outdoors safely without worrying about predators. It’s available in different sizes and styles, packed with all the standard features you’d expect from our coops.

chicken coops in iowa quaker

The Quaker Chicken Coop

The Quaker coop is a timeless design with a charming roof style that provides ample headroom. Like all our coops, you can personalize your Quaker to fit your hens’ requirements. Take a look at our variety of Quaker Coops to discover the perfect size and style for you.

chicken coops in iowa tractor

The Tractor Chicken Coop

The Tractor Coop is our top pick for a portable coop! Having a portable coop means you can relocate your chickens around your backyard, providing them with fresh foraging areas and different insects to feast on while preserving your yard from excessive damage. Our Tractor Coops are equipped with built-in run and wheelbarrow handles, making it effortless to move your coop around.

chicken coops in iowa a frame

The A-Frame Chicken Coop

The A-Frame is another traditional coop option that works well for bigger flocks. Its pointed roof and adaptable design make it great for customizing to your needs, making it an ideal choice for backyard flocks of any size. We even offer an A-Frame Coop that can accommodate up to 100 chickens! Look at our range of A-frame options to find the perfect fit for you.

chicken coops in iowa dutch

The Dutch Chicken Coop

Consider our Dutch chicken coops if you want to give your property a barn or farm feel! These coops feature a sloped roof, offering ample interior headspace. They include standard features such as nesting boxes and roosting bars, and you can also customize them with a run or wheels for easier mobility.

chicken coops in iowa lean to

The Lean-to-Chicken Coop

Look at our newest chicken coop model, the Modern Lean-to Coop. The Lean-to coop is a lovely addition to your backyard, featuring large windows and a perfect fit for placement against a fence. The design of this coop allows for lots of sunlight into the coop. Take a look at our Lean-to-Coop options!

Chicken Coops by # of Chickens

If you’re unsure what size coop to get for your flock, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Check out our chicken coops categorized by the number of chickens they can accommodate.

Whether you’re looking for a coop for 5 chickens, 15 chickens, 40 chickens, or even 100 chickens, we have the size you need and most likely in the style you want.

Chicken Coops by Size

If you have a particular coop size in mind, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re eyeing a 4×8 or an 8×10 chicken coop, we offer prefab coops in over 20 different sizes!

Our coop sizes range from 3×4 to 12×24, with options in between. Simply explore our selection of chicken coop sizes and choose the one that suits your needs.

Regulations for Chicken Coops in Iowa

If you are keeping chickens in Iowa, some of the below regulations may apply to you. Check out this article on Iowa Chicken Laws for more information.


In Iowa, backyard chickens are usually permitted, but it’s essential to consider local zoning regulations, as they may apply. Check with your local government to find out if any restrictions are in place.

Number of Chickens

The maximum number of chickens permitted per property differs by city and county. For example, in Des Moines, up to six chickens are allowed per property, whereas in Cedar Rapids, up to four chickens are permitted on at least 6,000 square feet.

Health Regulations

It’s important to maintain the health of your chickens and ensure they are disease-free. Regular veterinary check-ups are recommended to keep them healthy. Proper chicken waste disposal is essential, and composting is advised to manage it effectively.

Chicken Coop Necessities

Ample Space

One common mistake among chicken farmers is overcrowding their coops. Having too many chickens in a small area leads to poor sanitation and ventilation and can cause increased aggression among the birds.

It’s advisable to provide approximately 4 square feet of space per chicken. For instance, if you have 6 chickens, you should consider a 4×6 chicken coop, providing 24 square feet of space. With numerous chicken coops available on the market, finding one that suits the size of your flock shouldn’t be difficult.

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is a crucial consideration for your new chicken coop. Chickens require fresh air to stay healthy, so having windows in the coop and an open chicken run can help. However, it’s essential to be mindful of potential exposure to predators. Inadequate ventilation can lead to respiratory issues and unpleasant odors in the coop.

While maintaining airflow is essential, it’s also necessary to protect the coop from harsh winter weather, which can be quite cold in Iowa. Ensure the coop is sheltered from the elements and shielded from direct wind and snow.

Security and Protection

Another common mistake chicken farmers make is building coops that are not durable, especially in areas with common chicken predators. Predators in Iowa, like raccoons, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and even the family dog, may easily compromise a coop built with wire and flimsy pieces of wood. Avoid using chicken wire if you know of chicken predators in your area, use strong doors and latches, and seal your windows properly. 

Necessary Features

Every chicken coop should include specific features. Roosts are essential for your chickens to perch on, especially at night when settling in. Nesting boxes are necessary if you have laying hens.

Don’t overlook the need for feeding and watering solutions for your hens and bedding, such as wood shavings or sand. Additionally, having a “run” area where your hens can roam outside, pecking in the grass and dirt is essential.

Many of these coop features can be built or purchased separately, or you can opt for coops with already built-in features.

Cities We Serve in Iowa

  • Davenport
  • Waterloo
  • Ames
  • Ankeny
  • Council Bluffs
  • Dubuque
  • Urbandale
  • Cedar Falls

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