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Chicken Coops for Sale in Bridgeport CT

chicken coops for sale in bridgeport ct

If you are interested in starting your own backyard flock of chickens, we may have just what you need to get started. One of the first steps to raising your own chickens is getting the perfect home. Our chicken coops for sale in Bridgeport CT come in many sizes, styles, and colors to customize the perfect chicken coop for your backyard family of hens.

Are you having difficulty finding the right chicken coop for your backyard flock? Let us help you out. The Hen House Collection is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but sells and delivers coops nationwide through a network of dealers. We have a few dealers in the state of Connecticut as well.

To find the nearest dealer to your location in Bridgeport, simply click the button below and enter your address. If there are none within range of your location, that is no issue. We will gladly work with you to find just the coop you need.

Our Chicken Coop Styles

The Combination Coop

chicken coops for sale in bridgeport ct combination

A popular option, the Combination Coop includes a coop and an attached run, providing convenient outdoor access for your hens. It’s available in various sizes to suit your needs.

The Quaker Coop

chicken coops for sale in bridgeport ct quaker

The Quaker Coop, featuring a slight overhang on the roof, is another favored choice among backyard farmers. This coop comes equipped with all the essential features.

The Tractor Coop

chicken coops for sale in bridgeport ct tractor

Interested in a mobile option? The Tractor Coop has wheels and a handle, allowing for easy movement around your backyard. It’s an excellent choice for a small flock.

The A-Frame Coop

chicken coops for sale in bridgeport ct a frame

A timeless option, the A-frame coop features a distinctive roof design and offers numerous customization options. Available in various sizes, it can accommodate any number of chickens.

The Dutch Coop

chicken coops for sale in bridgeport ct dutch

This barn-style coop would add a charming touch to your farmette or backyard. The sloped roof provides extra interior space for easy cleaning, making it a lovely coop choice for any flock.

The Lean-to Coop

chicken coops for sale in bridgeport ct lean to

The Modern Lean-to is a new coop style with large windows for extra ventilation and sunlight into the coop. The coop can be set against a wall or fence to conserve space.

Regulations for Chicken Coops in Bridgeport CT

Certain regulations for chicken coops in Bridgeport, CT, may apply to you. According to this article, below are some rules that may apply to your flock in Bridgeport.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, residents can keep chickens on their property for non-commercial purposes, but they must first obtain a permit from the city’s Health Department.

Coop Placement and Regulations

Chicken coops and enclosures must be positioned at least 25 feet away from any neighboring residence and 10 feet from the property line.

These structures must be built to prevent chickens from escaping and to withstand predators.

While residents can keep roosters, only one rooster per property is allowed.

There is no specific limit to the number of hens a resident can keep, but the quantity must be reasonable and appropriate for the property’s size.

Cleanliness and upkeep

Chickens must be provided with a clean and sanitary environment, which includes access to clean water and food. They also need adequate shelter from the elements.

Chicken owners are responsible for maintaining their coop and ensuring it remains clean to prevent the buildup of waste and pests.

Chicken Coop Stories

Curious to hear how our customers are benefiting from our chicken coops? Look at Pattya’s setup in Connecticut and discover how a coop from The Hen House Collection made a difference for her.

chicken coops for sale in bridgeport ct- coop story

Chicken Coops for Sale in Bridgeport CT: Commonly Asked Questions

What breed of chickens are best suited for backyard environments?

If you’re considering growing your flock and producing your own eggs, numerous chicken breeds should be considered. Some of the most favored egg-laying breeds include Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, Sussex, Australorps, Plymouth Rocks, and many more. For further details on the top egg-laying breeds, take a look at our blog post titled “The Best Egg-laying Chickens.

How do I protect my chickens from predators?

Many chicken farmers often make mistakes when protecting their chickens from predators. One common error is constructing coops that aren’t sturdy enough, especially in regions where predators are prevalent.

In places like Connecticut, predators such as raccoons, coyotes, foxes, weasels, and even domestic dogs can easily penetrate coops made with weak wire and flimsy wood. If you’re aware of the presence of predators, it’s best to avoid using chicken wire and instead choose stronger materials for your coop. Ensure the coop’s doors have robust latches, and properly seal the windows to prevent predators from gaining entry.

What should I feed my chickens, and how much?

Besides their regular layer feed, chickens can also thrive on nutritious greens like lettuce, kale, and turnip greens. They might also enjoy occasional treats such as watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries, but it’s important not to overdo it.

A laying hen eats about a quarter pound of feed daily, up to roughly one and a half pounds per week. However, this quantity can vary depending on the size or breed of your chickens.

Other Cities We Serve in Connecticut

New Haven

chicken coops for sale in bridgeport ct new haven

Are you stationed in New Haven and looking for a new chicken coop for your flock? Check out our coop options and find just the one you need!


chicken coops for sale in bridgeport ct stamford

Living in Stamford and on the lookout for a new coop? We have just the one for you! Choose the coop you need and Customize it to fit the needs of your flock.

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