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Customer Stories

Welcome to The Hen House Collection

We have been building handcrafted Amish-built chicken coops with a range of standard features since 2007. We are a family-owned and operated company that offers prefab chicken coops across the United States through a network of over 150 dealers.

At The Hen House Collection, every chicken coop is made with high-quality material and handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen. We offer a variety of attractive backyard chicken coop styles that will enhance your backyard and provide a comfortable home for your backyard chickens.

Lopez Family’s Chicken Coop Story

In this video, Joe Lopez and his family share their story about their backyard chicken coop built by The Hen House Collection to raise backyard chickens.

Joe and his family left the city to be surrounded by nature. They always wanted to have a farm to raise backyard chickens. He describes it as a cute chicken coop. Joe explains the biggest selling point, “I saw the quality and craftsmanship that was there, and I knew that was the coop I wanted to buy.”

This beautiful 5×8 Quaker chicken coop came with an epoxy floor, which makes it very easy to clean and sanitize. And the snow melts quickly off the metal, insulated roof. He said, “I really liked the Quaker the best because it gives a little house look to it. It’s a really cute look.”

Joe Lopez tells us, “Anyone I know that is looking for a chicken coop, I would recommend The Hen House Collection! It’s not just about the quality, it’s about the people behind the product.” At The Hen House Collection, we try our best to give our customers a quality experience. Every coop in The Hen House Collection is made from high-quality materials and handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen to prove unparalleled value for years to come.

Merrill Family’s Backyard Chicken Coop Story

Thinking of getting backyard chickens?

Suzanne Merrill and her family share their experience about their backyard chickens that are living in an A-Frame chicken coop built by The Hen House Collection. Suzanne, a real chicken enthusiast, talks about the important things to look for when purchasing a chicken coop.

Experienced chicken coop owner Suzanne explains:

  1. What to look for in a chicken coop
  2. What to watch out for
  3. And the joy it brings to the family

Suzanne started raising chickens after moving into a location where chickens were there for over 200 years, and she inherited the last owner’s chickens. She started with 8 chickens and had a much smaller chicken coop at the time, after seeing her kids really interested in raising chickens, she decided to expand her chicken coop and the flock. Suzanne says, “It is easier to have a bigger flock when you have a bigger flock of children to help out”.

New Coop Style!
Ready to elevate your poultry game? Check out our new twist on the Lean-to Coops!
New Coop Style!
Ready to elevate your poultry game? Check out our new twist on the Lean-to Coops!