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In-Stock Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Are you just getting started on the new venture of chicken-raising and are in need of quality chicken coops in Stafford VA? Whether you need a small 4×5 chicken coop or a large 7×32 coop, The Hen House Collection has the solution for you! Not only do we have different sizes of chicken coops, but we also have different styles to fit your preferences. If you’re not sure what size of coop you need for your chickens, don’t worry! Contact us if you have any questions. We’d love to help you find the perfect coop for you and your chickens.

Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

We’d love to provide you with chicken coops in Stafford to keep your hens happy and safe! Our network of dealers throughout the United States is there to provide you with top-quality housing options for your chickens. Great Outdoor is your local chicken coop dealer in Stafford VA. Stop by and check out their inventory. If you aren’t close to that location, find a dealer closer to you!

Residential Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

If you need a top-quality chicken coop for your backyard flock, you’ve found the right place. Our coops are perfect for your small-scale chicken-raising venture. From chicken coops for 10 chickens to chicken coops for 50 chickens and more, we have what you need to start raising your own eggs on your property. The careful design and construction make these coops easy to manage and keep clean!

Commercial Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

If chicken-raising isn’t just a hobby for you but a way for you to make a living, these coops will take your business to the next level. Outfit your property with our largest chicken coop and enjoy the sturdy construction and deluxe features that you can add to your coop. Give your chickens a comfortable and secure home with our chicken coops in Stafford VA.

Chicken Coop Styles

Combination Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Combination Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

The combination of our chicken coop and run achieves an ideal balance between freedom and protection for your flock. This design enables your chickens to enjoy the surrounding environment while keeping them safe from predators. As an added convenience, we provide the option to add a wheel system, making moving the entire coop effortless and offering your flock a fresh grazing area whenever desired.

Quaker Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Quaker Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Crafted with practicality as a priority, the Quaker prefab chicken coop provides generous space for your chickens to roost, nest, and move about freely. Featuring roomy nesting boxes for egg-laying and strategically positioned roosting bars to enhance the comfort of your feathered companions, this coop is constructed with durable materials capable of withstanding any weather conditions, ensuring its long-lasting durability.

Tractor Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Tractor Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Crafted with the well-being and security of your flock as a priority, our Chicken Coop Tractors boast spacious interiors, providing ample roosting space, nesting boxes, and easily accessible feeders and waterers. Enhanced by well-ventilated windows and openings, these tractors ensure excellent airflow, keeping your chickens cool and comfortable even on hot summer days.

A Frame Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

A-Frame Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Constructed from premium materials, our A-frame chicken coops are carefully crafted for lasting quality. The sturdy build guarantees durability and longevity, providing a dependable shelter for your flock over the years. With security as a priority, the coop is thoughtfully designed with secure latches and locks to deter predators and ensure the safety of your chickens.

Dutch Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Dutch Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Experience the perfect blend of security and aesthetic charm as your chickens flourish in this attractive and secure Dutch-style coop. These Dutch barn-style chicken coops not only offer a secure sanctuary for your chickens but also enhance the overall visual allure of your backyard.

Lean To Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Lean-To Chicken Coops in Stafford VA

Beyond its benefits for convenient egg gathering, our lean-to chicken coop provides a host of other advantages. The compact design snugly fits against existing structures like walls or fences, maximizing your available space. This small chicken coop is especially beneficial for individuals with limited backyard areas or smaller homesteads.

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