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Chicken Coops in Lovettsville VA

Come see our prebuilt commercial, and residential chicken coops in Lovettsville VA to appreciate the workmanship that goes into each of our buildings. All of our prebuilt commercial and residential chicken coops are built at our facility and then delivered finished.

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The “Hen House Collection” combines workmanship and high-quality materials to create the ideal chicken coop for your flock. We can help you construct a custom chicken coop that meets your demands thanks to our years of experience. Our sales team and network of dealers are always ready to assist you in creating a secure and pleasant home for your pet backyard chickens, whether you are a hobby farmer, chicken lover, or health enthusiast.

Please feel free to go through our assortment of high-quality commercial and residential backyard chicken coops in Lovettsville VA for sale. Our portable chicken coops can be delivered to any location in the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii). Find a chicken coop provider near you on the Dealer Locator page if there isn’t one in your area, we’ll work with you directly to find the perfect housing for your backyard chickens. Your pet deserves the best, and that’s exactly what The Hen House Collection can provide.

Residential Backyard Chicken Coops in Lovettsville VA

Are you looking for a high-quality chicken coop for your backyard chickens? You’ve come to the right place. We’d be delighted to assist you in creating the ideal chicken coop that will keep your chickens warm and safe from predators. Standard features in all of our high-quality chicken coops make care for your chickens (and your investment) simple. It’s time to spoil your flock with one of the “Hen House Collection’s” high-quality prefab chicken coops.

Commercial Backyard Chicken Coops in Lovettsville VA

Whatever your reason for having several chickens, we can assist you in finding a chicken coop that will also contribute to the health and well-being of your chickens. Our wooden chicken coops can be tailored in practically any way to match the specific needs of your situation. When it comes to a long-term investment in a chicken coop, the “Hen House Collection” has a lot of great possibilities.

Backyard Chicken Coop Styles:

combination chicken coops in lovettsville VA

Combination Style Chicken Coops in Lovettsville VA

A wooden chicken coop and run combination allows your chickens to move about in a protected environment. Add a wheel system to a combination coop and move the entire unit around so that your chickens have a fresh grazing area each day.

quaker chicken coops in lovettsville VA

The Quaker Style Chicken Coops in Lovettsville VA

The Quaker chicken coop provides an attractive housing solution for your chickens that will also protect them from hungry predators. Sturdy construction gives you peace because you know your chickens are safe while they roost at night.

tractor chicken coops in lovettsville VA

The Tractor Style Chicken Coops in Lovettsville VA

The Tractor wooden chicken coops provide an easily movable chicken housing solution that helps to reduce the number of bugs you’ll encounter when you step outside. You’ll be able to turn those juicy bugs into high-quality eggs for your breakfast! You can now provide a healthy diet for your chickens while getting rid of unwanted pests.

a frame chicken coops in lovettsville VA

The A-Frame Style Chicken Coops in Lovettsville VA

The easy-to-clean features of our A-Frame chicken coops make it a convenient solution for parents who want to use small-scale chicken farming to teach their children life skills. An A-Frame chicken coop protects your chickens and makes it easier for your children to care for them.

dutch chicken coops in lovettsville VA

The Dutch Style Chicken Coops in Lovettsville VA

If you’re a chicken lover with a few chickens that you raise as pets, protecting your chickens from predators is a high priority to you. The Dutch chicken coops combine security features and good looks to make an attractive centerpiece for your backyard.

lean to chicken coops in lovettsville VA

The Lean-To Chicken Coops in Lovettsville VA

A wooden “Lean-To” chicken coop makes egg gathering easier for you and protects your chickens. Raising your own chickens in this small chicken coop allows you to enjoy organic eggs from chickens with a diet that you can control.

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