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Chicken Coops in Jenkins MN

Visit Jenkins, MN, to see firsthand the craftsmanship behind our prebuilt commercial and residential wooden chicken coops. Each structure is meticulously crafted at our facility and delivered fully finished, inviting you to experience the quality of our workmanship. No matter if you get our smallest 3×4 chicken coop or a large chicken coop for 100 chickens, we design and build it with care.

The “Hen House Collection” seamlessly blends superior craftsmanship with top-notch materials to craft the perfect chicken coop for your feathered friends. We offer personalized construction of custom chicken coops to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re a hobbyist, an avid chicken enthusiast, or focused on health-conscious practices, our dedicated sales team and network of dealers stand ready to assist you in creating a safe and comfortable haven for your backyard chickens.

Explore our range of premium commercial and residential backyard chicken coops available for purchase in Jenkins, MN. Our portable coops can be shipped anywhere in the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). If there isn’t a coop provider nearby, use our Dealer Locator page, or connect directly with us. We’re committed to assisting you in finding the ideal housing for your backyard chickens. Your beloved pets deserve nothing less than the best, and The Hen House Collection ensures precisely that.

Residential Backyard Chicken Coops inJenkins MN

In search of a top-tier chicken coop for your backyard flock? You’re in luck! Let us help you craft the perfect coop designed to keep your chickens cozy and protected from predators. Our high-quality chicken coops come with standard features that simplify both chicken care and safeguard your investment. Treat your flock to the luxury of one of our premium chicken coops from The Hen House Collection. Whether you need a chicken coop for 10 chickens or a coop for 50 chickens, we have what you need!

Commercial Backyard Chicken Coops inJenkins MN

No matter your purpose for raising multiple chickens, we’re here to help you discover a wooden chicken coop that enhances your hens’ health and overall welfare. Our top-notch chicken coops are completely customizable, catering to your specific requirements. Investing in a chicken coop from The Hen House Collection offers numerous excellent options for a long-term solution that will make you and your chickens’ lives better and easier!

Backyard Chicken Coop Styles:

Combination Style Chicken Coops inJenkins MN

Providing both a chicken coop and run this combo coop creates a secure space for your chickens to roam freely. Enhance this setup by incorporating a wheel system, allowing you to move the entire coop-run unit effortlessly. This mobility ensures your chickens enjoy a fresh grazing area daily, promoting their health and well-being.

The Quaker Style Chicken Coops inJenkins MN

Offering an appealing housing solution, the Quaker prefab chicken coop not only shelters your chickens but also shields them from potential predators. Its sturdy construction provides reassurance, ensuring your chickens remain secure as they roost through the night.

The Tractor Style Chicken Coops inJenkins MN

The tractor chicken coops offer a mobile housing solution that makes it easy to move your hens around your property. This not only creates a bug-free environment but also transforms those insects into nutritious meals for your chickens, resulting in high-quality eggs for your breakfast. By providing a healthy diet for your chickens, you simultaneously address the issue of unwanted pests.

The A-Frame Style Chicken Coops inJenkins MN

The user-friendly cleaning aspects of our A-Frame chicken coops offer a convenient solution for parents aiming to impart life skills through small-scale chicken farming. This coop design not only safeguards your chickens but also simplifies the care process, enabling children to easily tend to them.

The Dutch Style Chicken Coops inJenkins MN

For those who cherish their chickens as beloved pets, keeping them protected from predators holds utmost importance. The Dutch chicken coops seamlessly blend security elements with aesthetic appeal, serving as an eye-catching centerpiece for your backyard while ensuring the safety of your flock.

The Lean-To Chicken Coops inJenkins MN

Opting for a small Lean-To chicken coop simplifies egg collection while providing protection for your chickens. Raising your flock in this coop grants you access to organic eggs from chickens with a diet under your control. The small size and thoughtful design of this coop make it the perfect choice for those with a small backyard space.

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