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Chicken Coop for 40 Chickens

Q712 w BB (1)

If you are struggling to find the proper chicken coop for 40 chickens, then we have a solution for you. The Hen House offers a selection of coops that could accommodate a flock of about 40 hens.

It is important when coop shopping, that you consider the well-being of your hens. Are they going to be overcrowded? Are they going to have the ventilation they need? Let’s look at a couple of coop options that could suit a flock of 40 birds.

Find the Perfect Chicken Coop for 40 Chickens


Q712 w Duratemp (1)
  • Duratemp siding
  • 101” high
  • 8” off the ground
  • 12 nesting boxes
  • Clay siding and beige trim
  • Weathered gray shingles


Q712 w BB (1)
  • Board and batten siding
  • 101” high
  • 8” off the ground
  • 12 nesting boxes
  • Rustic cedar stain

Shown with an optional black metal roof, gable vents, and wire over the windows.

How Big Does A Chicken Coop Need To Be?

Does it matter how big the chicken coop is?

Yes, it does matter how big your coop is. Overcrowded chickens are not happy chickens, and unhappy chickens are not healthy chickens. To gauge the right size coop for your flock, assume each chicken should have about 4 square feet of space. This could be coop and run space combined. Just be sure they have enough space to move around and scratch.

What Style of Coop Should I Choose for 40 Chickens?

Are you having some trouble knowing what to look for in a chicken coop?

Here are some things to consider when choosing your style of chicken coop for 40 chickens…

Size -Do you have ample space on the property? Are your chickens going to have enough coop space? Find a coop that can give your chickens enough scratch room while maximizing the amount of space you have on your property. Think of decreasing the number of chickens you have if you can’t properly give them the space they need.

Security – Another important factor to consider for your chickens is their safety. How secure is their coop? Would the flimsy wire of their coop be easily torn by a fox or another hungry predator? Are the windows secure, and would it be wise to enclose their run to ensure hawks don’t snatch up your hens?

Climate – How will your coop hold up in extreme temperatures? Would it be wise to invest in an insulated coop to keep your chickens cool in hot weather? What about when it snows? Consider climate-controlled features for your coop, especially if you live in areas with hot summers or cold winters.

Chicken Coop for 40 Chickens- Our Chicken Coop Styles

The Combination Chicken Coop

The Combination Coop is our most popular coop. It features a coop with an attached run, so your chickens can easily navigate in and out of the coop, without worry of predators. Customize your combination coop with the features you want.

Q68C w LP

The Quaker Chicken Coop

The Quaker Coop is a popular coop featuring a roof with a slight overhang. This prefab chicken coop comes in a variety of sizes and styles and can house 5 chickens or 40 chickens. Add a litter tray to your Quaker or attach a run and make it a Combination Coop!

q46 w LP

The Tractor Chicken Coop

Want a coop that is mobile? The Tractor Coop is our best choice for those who want a coop that can easily be moved from place to place. Simply lift the handles and move the coop. Moving your chicken coop tractor gives your chickens fresh grass and a new pecking area!

Q44T w LP

The A-Frame Chicken Coop

If you are looking for a classic and functional coop, the A-Frame is the one for you. The A-Frame coop comes with a signature peaked roof and standard features like a roosting bar and nesting boxes for your hens.

A46 w BB (1)

The Dutch Chicken Coop

This charming coop features a slanted “barn-style” roof and offers additional headspace for easy access into the coop. Customize your barn-style chicken coop by adding a run or maybe removable litter trays.

D46 w LP

The Lean-To Chicken Coop

Our best space-saver coop, the Lean-to Coop can be easily set up against a wall or a fence, and features a lid-style top that can be easily opened for better access into the coop. Customize your small chicken coop and create the perfect home for your little flock!

L35 TG- chicken coop for 4 chickens

Looking for a Larger or Smaller Coop?

We offer coops in a large variety of sizes! Are you looking for a coop that is slightly bigger or slightly smaller? Check out our other coop options!

Chicken Coop for 30 Chickens

Q48 w Lp

Check out our smaller coop options and find the perfect chicken coop for 30 chickens from the Hen House Collection. We specialize in custom building your coop for you!

Chicken Coop for 50 Chickens

A810 w LP

If you have a large flock and need a larger coop, check out our chicken coops for 50 chickens and find just the coop to fit your flock.