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Chicken Coops in Pennsylvania

chicken coops in pennsylvania

Keeping chickens in backyard settings is gaining momentum, and for good reason. Enjoying fresh eggs from your own hens guarantees a healthier and more flavorful option and allows you to guarantee the well-being of your feathered companions. It also presents an excellent opportunity to educate children about animal care and responsibility, involving them in tasks like collecting eggs and feeding the chickens.

If you’re thinking about kickstarting your backyard flock, you’ll require a quality coop, and we have exactly what you need. Dive into our range of chicken coops in Pennsylvania to discover the ideal match for your requirements!

If you are considering raising backyard chickens, you have come to the right place. The Hen House collection is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and sells and delivers coops throughout the United States. We have a large selection of dealers all over the state.

To locate the nearest dealer to your area, click the button below and enter your address. And don’t fret if you’re not close to one of our listed dealers! We’ll be happy to assist you personally in finding the perfect coop for your flock. Explore the finest selection of chicken coops in Pennsylvania at The Hen House Collection!

Our Chicken Coops in Pennsylvania

chicken coops in pennsylvania combination coops

The Combination Chicken Coop

Many people love our combination chicken coops in Pennsylvania for their attached run, which enables your chickens to move freely between the coop and the outdoor area, enjoying fresh air whenever they please.

chicken coops in pennsylvania quaker coops

The Quaker Chicken Coop

The Quaker Coop is another favored option, celebrated for its distinctive roof overhang. This customizable coop encompasses all the desired features, ensuring it meets your needs and preferences.

chicken coops in pennsylvania tractor coops

The Tractor Chicken Coop

Our Tractor chicken coops in Pennsylvania are worth exploring for those searching for a conveniently portable coop. Equipped with wheels and a handle, they offer effortless maneuverability around your yard, making them an ideal choice for smaller flocks!

chicken coops in pennsylvania a frame coops

The A-Frame Chicken Coop

Constructed with a sturdy frame, our A-frame coop is available in various sizes to suit your needs. Moreover, we provide an A-frame option designed to house up to 100 chickens in your backyard.

chicken coops in pennsylvania dutch coops

The Dutch Chicken Coop

If you’re fond of the barn-style roof, you’ll love our Dutch chicken coops in Pennsylvania. Crafted to offer ample headspace for your chickens indoors, it incorporates all the essential features you’d expect in a coop.

chicken coops in pennsylvania lean to coops

The Lean-to-Chicken Coop

Introducing our latest coop innovation: the Lean-to Coop. It’s a charming choice for your backyard flock, featuring spacious windows for abundant sunlight and ventilation. Moreover, its ability to snugly fit against a wall or fence provides versatility for any space.

Chicken Coops by # of Chickens

Concerned about determining the right size of a chicken coop for your flock? No need to fret! Our chicken coops in Pennsylvania are conveniently categorized based on the number of chickens they can comfortably accommodate, making it easier for you to find the perfect fit.

Whether you need space for 4 chickens, 15, 30, or even 100 chickens, we’ve covered you with the required size and perhaps even the style you desire.

Chicken Coops
by Size

If you have a particular size in mind for your coop, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re interested in a 3×5 or a 6×6 chicken coop, we offer over 20 prefab options for sale in Pennsylvania!

We provide diverse sizes, from 3×4 to 12×24, to meet your requirements. Explore our chicken coop sizes and select the one that best suits your needs.

Regulations for Chicken Coops in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania may have regulations regarding backyard chickens. This article provides some regulations for chicken coops you may want to consider.


Typically, backyard chickens are allowed in Pennsylvania, but it’s important to be aware of local zoning regulations. Contact your local government to inquire about any relevant restrictions you should consider.

Quantity of Chickens

Three chickens are allowed on lots up to one acre. One more chicken is permitted for each additional quarter acre, with a maximum of 20 chickens per lot. The number of chickens on lots over five acres is not restricted. However, roosters are not permitted on lots smaller than five acres.

Coop Sanitation and Manure

A written plan must be submitted to manage waste and manure. Manure should be stored in a fully enclosed container, not exceeding three cubic feet. Any unused manure should be promptly removed. The henhouse, chicken run, pen, and surrounding area must be kept clean and free from trash and accumulated manure.

Coops and Runs

Chicken runs, pens, henhouses, and coops must be enclosed and made of sturdy materials to prevent predators from entering or chickens from escaping. Additionally, all walls, ceilings, and roof areas must be safeguarded against potential entry by predators.

These structures should be built with weather-resistant materials that are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they remain in good condition and appearance over time.

Chicken Coop Necessities

Ample Space

Overcrowding in coops poses a major challenge for chicken farmers. When chickens are cramped into a small space, it leads to issues with sanitation and ventilation, which can escalate aggression among the flock.

A helpful rule of thumb is to provide around 4 square feet of space per chicken. For example, if you have 15 chickens, you’d need a coop that’s roughly 6×10 feet, offering a total of 60 square feet of space. With various chicken coop options, finding one suitable for your flock size shouldn’t be difficult.

Proper Ventilation

When setting up your new chicken coop, provide sufficient fresh air for your hens. Chickens need proper ventilation to stay healthy, so including windows in the coop and offering an open run area can significantly improve airflow. Insufficient ventilation can lead to respiratory issues and unpleasant odors inside the coop.

However, while airflow is crucial, protecting the coop from extreme weather conditions is also important, especially in areas with harsh winters. Ensuring your chickens are shielded from strong winds and heavy snow is essential for their well-being during inclement weather.

Security and Protection

A prevalent mistake among chicken farmers is building coops that lack strength and resilience, particularly in areas where predators are common. Creatures such as raccoons, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and even domestic dogs can easily break into a flimsy coop made of weak wire and lightweight wood. If you’re aware of chicken predators in your vicinity, it’s recommended to steer clear of using chicken wire. Instead, invest in solid doors with robust latches and ensure all windows are securely sealed.

Necessary Features

Every chicken coop should incorporate essential features to promote the happiness and well-being of your flock. Internally, ensure there are roosts for chickens to perch on at night and nesting boxes where laying hens can lay eggs in privacy.

Moreover, don’t forget to provide feeding and watering stations inside the coop and bedding materials like wood shavings or sand for comfort and hygiene.

Furthermore, your hens need a designated outdoor space to roam and forage. These features can be included in a DIY coop or integrated into pre-built designs.

Where to Buy Chicken Coops in Pennsylvania

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Scranton
  • Harrisburg
  • State College
  • Penn Hills
  • Wilkes-Barre
  • Norristown

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