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In-Stock Chicken Coops In Kingston NY

If you need chicken coops in Kingston NY, come check out our in-stock coops at Brad’s Barns & Gazebos! The Henhouse Collection provides New York and forty-seven other states with top-quality chicken coops through our network of dealers. These coops come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find what you need. Whether you are a backyard chicken farmer or you raise chickens for a living, you’ll be sure to find the coop size that you need!

Stop by our dealer, Brad’s Barns & Gazebos, to check through the inventory and take home a new home for your chickens! Each of our portable coops is built at our facility and then delivered all over the United States. If this location isn’t close to you, find out where to buy a chicken coop with our dealer locator!

chicken coops in Kingston NY

Your hens deserve a spacious coop that gives them a place to roost, forage, and lay eggs in comfort. When we designed our chicken coops in Kingston NY, we took that into consideration. Each of our coops is built with durable materials and standard features that keep your hens protected from predators. Whether you are looking for a small chicken coop for 10 chickens or a large coop for 100 chickens, you can trust the sturdy construction of these coops!

Residential Chicken Coops in Kingston NY

If you need a high-quality backyard chicken coop, we have what you need. Treat your pets like royalty by giving them a chicken coop from The Hen House Collection! These coops are the perfect addition to your backyard. Not only do they give your chickens a happy home, but they also add a charming aesthetic to your property. Another benefit of our wooden chicken coops in Kingston NY, is the easy-to-clean and manage features of these coops!

Commercial Chicken Coops in Kingston NY

Whatever you want to use your chicken coop for, we have the structure that you need! If you are a professional chicken farmer, our large 12×24 coop is the coop for you! These sturdy and practical coops can comfortably house up to 100 chickens. Equipped with two separate chicken areas and a feed room, this coop has all you need to run an efficient and organized chicken-raising business. Get started today by requesting a free quote for your new coop!

Chicken Coop Styles

combination chicken coops in Kingston NY

Combination Chicken Coops in Kingston NY

The integration of both the chicken coop and run provides a secure space for your chickens to enjoy the outdoors. You can add to this combination by incorporating a wheel system, allowing you to relocate the coop easily. This flexibility enables you to offer your flock a new grazing area whenever necessary.

Quaker chicken coops in Kingston NY

Quaker Chicken Coops in Kingston NY

If you need a charming housing solution for your feathered companions, the Quaker Style Prefab Coop is an ideal selection. This coop ensures the safety of your chickens by protecting them from predators and shielding them from inclement weather. The durable construction of our Quaker coop offers confidence and tranquility, assuring you that your chickens are secure.

tractor chicken coops in Kingston NY

Tractor Chicken Coops in Kingston NY

Built with exceptional skill and premium materials, our Chicken Coop Tractors are engineered for effortless mobility. These tractors offer a top-notch solution for raising chickens in different locations, allowing you to provide your backyard flock with a fresh, new area to graze and roam freely.

a frame chicken coops in Kingston NY

A-Frame Chicken Coops in Kingston NY

The A-Frame chicken coops we offer give you a convenient solution for small-scale chicken farming thanks to their easy-to-clean features. This design seamlessly blends aesthetics with practicality, providing an ideal and functional space for your chickens to thrive.

dutch chicken coops in Kingston NY

Dutch Chicken Coops in Kingston NY

For those who adore their chickens and consider them as family pets, safeguarding them from predators is essential. Our Dutch barn-style chicken coops strike an ideal balance between security features and aesthetics, transforming them into captivating focal points in your backyard.

lean to chicken coops in Kingston NY

Lean-To Chicken Coops in Kingston NY

The small lean-to chicken coop we offer is an effective solution for your egg-laying chickens. With its distinctive design, these compact chicken coops provide both convenience and simplicity, ensuring easy egg collection while offering a comfortable home for your feathered companions.

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