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Quality Chicken Coops in Argyle, Texas

If you’re looking for chicken coops in Argyle Texas, you’ve come to the right place! Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops is a proud dealer of top-quality coops from The Hen House Collection! Each of our coops is carefully designed and constructed at our facility and then delivered right where you want it! We offer chicken coops that blend premium materials and quality workmanship to make wooden chicken coops that are top-of-the-line!

Check out our variety of chicken coops. Whether you need a small 3×4 chicken coop for only a few hens or you’re looking for a large chicken coop for 100 chickens, we have a coop for you! Our portable coops can be delivered to all parts of the United States except for Alaska and Hawaii! We believe that your hens deserve a safe and comfortable place to call home! That’s why we make our coops available all across the country.

Residential Chicken Coops in Argyle Texas

Are you looking for a happy home for your backyard flock? The Hen House Collection has what you need to keep your chickens safe and comfortable. We equip our coops with standard features that make your life easier when caring for your feathered friends. A backyard chicken coop allows you to raise your own fresh eggs and not be affected by the fluctuating egg prices at your local grocery store.

Commercial Chicken Coops in Argyle Texas

If you aren’t just raising eggs for a hobby, but you do this for a living, these sturdy coops will help grow your business! Our coops are built to last for years to come, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading anytime soon! Whether you want to start your business on a small scale or you want to start big, we have the size of coop that you need! Trust the construction of our coops to start or expand your business!

Backyard Chicken Coop Styles

Combination Chicken Coops in Argyle Texas

The combination of a chicken coop and run allows your chicken to get out and forage while having a protected shelter close by. Rather than building on a run area yourself, choose one of these chicken coops in Argyle Texas, and save yourself some work! Add wheels to your coop to easily move it around your property. This allows your hens to forage in new grass!

Quaker Chicken Coops in Argyle Texas

If you’re in search of an attractive place to house your hens, look no further than our Quaker Coops! These charming coops protect your chickens from predators and weather while adding to the aesthetics of your property. These prefab chicken coops are built to last you and your chickens for years to come!

Tractor Chicken Coops in Argyle Texas

Our Chicken Coop Tractors are practical and efficient choices for your backyard flock. These coops are equipped with wheels that make them easy to move around your property. Give your flock a fresh grazing area every day with our coops in Argyle Texas!

A-Frame Chicken Coops in Argyle Texas

The A-Frame Chicken Coops offer a classic appeal and sturdy design. Choose this coop for a convenient place to raise your farm-fresh eggs. Your hens will thrive in this safe and comfortable environment, and you will love the features that make these coops easy to work with.

Dutch Chicken Coops in Argyle Texas

Boasting a classic barn-style gambrel roof, the Dutch Coops are a charming and functional addition to your backyard. Protecting your hens is the highest priority, and we took that into consideration when designing this coop. Protect your hens while adding an attractive barn-style chicken coop to your Texas home!

Lean-To Chicken Coops in Argyle Texas

If you have a small space to fit your coop in, our Lean-To Chicken Coops in Argyle Texas are just what you need! These small coops can fit right against a wall to save you space. Their unique design makes it easy and stress-free to gather eggs! Keep your chickens safe and comfortable with a new chicken coop!

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