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I highly recommend The Hen House

Two years ago I thought I bought the perfect coop. I did all the research and set about being a first-time chicken mom. A few months in I realized I made a very costly mistake. I hated my coop and so did my girls. They were pecking each other to death and so unhappy. I set out to find a new one and came across The Hen House coops. I fell in love immediately. They are so well constructed and have so many options to choose from. Due to a fox and hawk issues, I choose the combination coop so they would have the added security of the run for when they could not be let outside to free-range. I also upgraded to the automatic door which is perfect for me because I always know they are safe and secure inside. I opted for the electrical package because I wanted heated roosting bars. These NY winters are brutal but I do have to say it is so well built that they don’t need them. I do however like having the light for when I have to go in to tend to them at night or when it is dark at 4;30 in the afternoon. This coop was pricey but I would spend the money again in a heartbeat. It will last longer than my 8 girls. I will have this coop for years and years compared to others I’ve seen available in the Farm Stores. I never have to worry about predators due to the way it is constructed. If your considering chickens or already have a flock and made the same mistake I did by buying a small coop, I highly recommend The Hen House. You will not be disappointed.

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