combination chicken coop prices

Chicken Coop Prices

Recently we have been getting a lot of messages on Facebook, Instagram and through the contact us form asking questions like “How much does a chicken coop cost?” “Do you deliver to (insert city name) and how much is the shipping?” How much if I want to add epoxy floor and other options?”. We decide to write a blog and try and answer all your questions. The main question is obviously coop price related. Before purchasing anything we always ask “how much?”. For chicken coops, there is no simple answer but we will do our best to explain and break down the prices.

chicken coop prices

How Much Does A Chicken Coop Cost?

A chicken coop can cost anywhere from $1000 to $5000 and more. The size of the chicken coop, the style, the features and options included, and the shipping costs are all variables that could affect the chicken coop price. Let’s figure out how much your ideal chicken coop would cost.

Backyard Chicken Coop Cost

The Hen House Collection offers 6 different styles of chicken coops: A-Frame, Combination, Dutch, Lean-To, Quaker, and Tractor. 


A-Frame chicken coop cost starts at $1,390 for a 3×3 with board and batten siding. The largest size that we have pricing for is an 8×10 which has a tag of $4,136 with shipping included. For larger sizes, you would need to request a free quote because their shipping will be priced differently. 


The price of a Combination chicken coop starts at $2,193 for a 4×6 with board and batten and the DuraTemp siding. We offer combination chicken coops in commercial sizes such as this size 7×32 here priced at $8,988.


Dutch chicken coop sizes start at 4×4 and can be built up to 6×6 and larger upon custom requests. The prices for these styles start at $1,996 for a 4×4 and go up to $2,807 for a 6×6. The Dutch Chicken Coop style can also be custom-built larger upon request.


The price of the Lean-To style starts at $1,124 for the 3×4 (L34 Model) and goes up to $2,180 for the 4×5 (L45 Model). These coops can be built larger with a custom request. We will give you an exact price for the size you want with delivery included when you request a free quote.


The Quaker along with the Combination coops is one of our most popular styles of coops. Quaker chicken coops start at $1,801 for the 3×4 (Q34 Model) and up to $6,028 for the 7×18  (Q718 Model). For larger sizes such as the 10×18 (Q1018 Model), please give us a call at 800-490-3163 and speak with Dawn in our sales department.


Lastly, our final style is The Tractor coop, which is our easily movable chicken housing solution with prices starting at $1,588. Our collection shows sizes up to 4×4 which is priced at $2,681 but we can build much larger if requested.



a frame chicken coop 4x4 A Frame

A-Frame Coop Prices

The A-Frame is a classic style A-frame chicken coop with lots of room for customization. This popular style is ideal for larger flocks of chickens. You have the option of adding feed room for storing feed and other necessities related to caring for your chickens. The A-Frame is a beautiful style with many practical features.  This coop style has easy to clean features which make it a convenient solution for parents who want to use small-scale chicken farming to teach their children life skills.

The A-Frame coop comes in a wide range of sizes. Maybe you need a tiny 3×3 backyard chicken coop for 3-5 chickens. Or maybe you need a large 12×24 coop with room for up to 100 chickens and a large feed room. The A-Frame would work well for either situation and for anything in between. All you need to do is bring us your ideas and we’ll take it from there. We’ll work with you to design a chicken coop that keeps you and your chickens happy.

A Frame Chicken Coop Prices
6x12 Combination

Combination Chicken Coop Cost

The Combination Coop is our best-selling chicken coop and run for good reasons. It features a chicken house with an attached run area to give the chickens a safe place to scratch. Inside this wooden chicken coop you’ll find nesting boxes and a roosting area to provide a safe place for your chickens to lay eggs and get out of the weather. This style is the ultimate housing solution to keep your flock safe with their own attached run.

The Combination style coop comes in many different sizes. Whether you need a small chicken coop and run for 3-5 chickens. Or maybe you need a large 12×24 coop with room for up to 100 chickens and a large feed room. The A-Frame would work well for either situation and for anything in between. All you need to do is bring us your ideas and we’ll take it from there. We’ll work with you to design a chicken coop that keeps you and your chickens happy.

Combination Chicken Coop Prices
barn style chicken coops 4x4 Dutch With board and batten siding 78” high 14” off ground 4 nesting boxes Cedar stain Walnut brown shingles 1600x1600 1

Dutch Chicken Coop Prices

The Dutch Coop is a barn style chicken coop with a roof style that maximizes usable interior space. In addition to many other standard features, it includes 5/8” LP flooring with a 10-year warranty. In order to further protect your floor, you might opt to have the floor coated with our tough epoxy finish. This feature helps to turn your coop into an easy clean chicken coop.

For a barn style chicken coop with lots of available options, choose the Dutch. You’ll be pleased to discover that the Dutch already includes standard options such as nesting boxes and a chicken roost. You might also want to consider one of our available wheel options for easy maneuverability or an added run to give your chickens room to run around in a protected area. The Dutch is a value-packed chicken coop for sale that is built to last.

If you are interested in a barn style chicken coop, don’t be hesitant to request a quote, it’s FREE! Visit our Dealer Page and see if there is a dealer near you. If not, no problem! We will work with you directly to get you the chicken coop that fits your needs.

Dutch Chicken Coop Prices
small chicken coops 4x5 Lean To 1 1600x1600 1

Lean-To Coop Pricing

The Lean-To is a little space saver that is especially well-suited for setting up against a fence or wall. It is built with the same quality materials as our other wooden chicken coops. Chicken coops that have the Lean-To design include a lid that gives you easy access to the entire coop interior for easy cleaning and egg gathering. Pamper your small flock of chickens and save space with backyard chicken coops such as the Lean-To.

Our Lean-To coops (and almost every coop we build) include an exterior access door for easy access to the nesting boxes. This allows you to gather eggs every day without entering the coop or bumping your head on a low doorway. Your children will more easily be able to participate in caring for your chickens by gathering the eggs from the small chicken coops. The exterior access door also makes cleaning easier in our Lean-To and other chicken coops. Learn more about important features that should be found inside a chicken coop.

Lean To Chicken Coop
3x4 1 801

Prices of Quaker Chicken Coops

The Quaker features an attractive roof style which also maximizes the headroom inside this prefab chicken coops. Add one or more of our many options to customize the Quaker to meet your needs. Options include an attached run and removable litter trays to make cleaning easier and many more.

One feature that is standard in the Quaker and all of our prefab coops is Tech Shield Roof Sheathing. The main benefit of this sheathing is that it helps to keep your Quaker Amish built chicken coop cooler in warm weather. This sheathing features a reflective layer that is built into each piece and serves to reflect much of the heat energy that is sent out by the sun. Tech Shield Sheathing can reduce the temperature in a coop by as much as 30 degrees on a warm sunny day. (Learn more about Tech Shield Sheathing.)

Quaker Chicken Coop
chicken coop tractor 3x3 A Frame Tractor 1600x1600 1

Tractor Chicken Coop Cost

The chicken coop Tractor is a smaller chicken coop and run with built-in wheels. Along with the wheels, it features built-in handles that allow you to easily move your chickens to fresh grass every day. The tractor is ideal for smaller flocks of chickens. It will serve you well if you’re a small-scale chicken farmer who loves to see your chickens scratching in a protected environment.

The main benefit of a Tractor chicken coop is the easy mobility. You don’t need special equipment to move this portable chicken coop. It’s as simple as taking the coop by the handles (just like a wheelbarrow) and moving it to a new location. Your chickens will love the new opportunity to scratch for bugs. You’ll love the free pest control and the good feeling knowing that your eggs are more closely connected with nature.

Tractor Chicken Coop

Small Chicken Coop Cost

Small chicken coop prices start at $1,124 for the 3×4 Lean-To and go up to $2,193 for the smallest combination coop size we have which is the 4×6. The smallest size for the A-Frame is the 3×3 which starts at $1,390. Then we have the Tractor Lean-To Coop which is priced at $1,588 with delivery included. Our smallest quaker coop is the 3×4 for sale for $1,801. The smallest Dutch we offer is the 4×4 priced at $1,996. All these coops, just like the Tractor Lean-To Coop are priced with delivery to your backyard.

Chicken Coop Option Prices

If you want to stand out, add a weather vane, or maybe an automatic chicken door to your coop, we have a variety of options. For an easy cleaning solution and enhanced durability, an epoxy floor can be added to any coop for $69 to the 3×3 coops (A-Frame example) and as high as $1,485 for a 12×24 (A-Frame) coop. If you would like to pricing for a coop with additional features and options, please request a free quote. We have too many options so we can’t list all the pricing on here

Commercial Chicken Coop Cost

Is raising chickens and selling fresh eggs your business? We have something just for you. Take a look at our large commercial grade chicken coops to raise 20+ chickens. Our larger chicken coops can be viewed below. The image on the left is the 7×32 Combination Coop which allows up to 30 chickens. The coop on the right is the 12×24 A-Frame Coop that could fit up to 100 chickens. These large chicken coop prices are $8,988 for the Combination coop and $10,000+ for the A-Frame style.

7x32 8 988
chicken coop cost 1
7x24 Combination Coop

Discount Chicken Coop

The Hen House Collection has a selection of discounted chicken coops starting at $1,299.

It’s the perfect time to gift your flock a new home to keep them safe and comfortable this season. Our inventory chicken coops are always on sale at a 5% discount. Make sure to request a quote before the deals are over and we are all sold out.

Our inventory is constantly changing so we can’t nail down the exact coops we have for sale in this post but you can give us a call at 800-490-3163 and speak with Dawn to see what coops are available in our inventory selection. 

Our discount chicken coops include the quaker, tractor, and the combination style. We have a variety of sizes and colors as shown below. Whether you need a coop for 5 chickens or 20, we have something for you in our inventory.


If you didn’t find your ideal coop here, check out our chicken coop gallery for designs our past customers have purchased. We can custom build a chicken coop to fit all your needs. Add features and options you would find useful and pick the siding, size, and style that’s right for you.

Chicken Coops For Sale

Chicken coop prices can vary based on style, size, and the features and options included, as discussed above. The pricelists above show the prices of our chicken coops with standard features. Additional features and options will include a fee. Larger Chicken Coops will have a delivery fee and we can calculate that for you if you give us a call or just simply request a free quote. Remember, we deliver anywhere in the United States except for Hawaii and Alaska. We offer free shipping on most of our chicken coops. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us, we look forward to hearing from you!