Automatic Chicken Coop Door

SmartCoop Auto Door

SmartCoop is the 2022 Model of our Automatic Chicken Coop Door. With our heavy-duty open-close mechanism, you can be at peace knowing your flock is safe. Our auto chicken door opener comes with a full 1-year warranty and 4-year prorated warranty for all of our customers.

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SmartCoop Auto Door Features:

  • Sunrise/Sunset – Open/Close
  • Timer – Open/Close
  • Manual – Open/Close

Very easy to adjust open/close times

  • LED control panel lets you choose timer or manual open/close
  • The door is opened and closed with an actuator = no more strings getting tangled and torn
  • Built-in sensor so that if a chicken is in the doorway when it is closing, the door will stop and reopen. It will automatically attempt to close up to 2 times before staying in the open position.
  • Smart Coop Auto Door’s features control panel has internal memory to store settings in case of power loss.

Power Supply For Door

  • 110V electric (adapter included w/36” cord)
  • Solar kit (sold separately)
  • 12 Volt battery (battery not included) – Cord for 12V battery sold separately

Power draw per day is 2.5 AHR ex: a 12V 10 amp hr battery will last approx. 4 Days

Power Supply For Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi coming soon)

  • 110 Volt electric (adapter included)
  • Wi-Fi connections are wireless or hardwired

Door construction

  • Heavy-duty poly/aluminum construction door is water-resistant, will not rot or warp

Why Should You Consider Purchasing An Automatic Chicken Coop Door?

The most common reason for installing an automatic chicken door opener is convenience. For many people, going outside in the snow and rain every morning and evening might become a nuisance (especially as we get older). Also, people who have to get up at a set hour for work may be too preoccupied in the morning to remember to open the coop door. So the pressure of the early morning is relieved by an automatic chicken coop door.

How an Automatic Chicken Door Opener Makes Your Life Easier?

One of the main reasons for installing an automatic chicken door on your wooden chicken coop is that it makes it easier to care for your chickens. For example, it’s easy to forget to lock your chicken coop for the night when you have a busy work life. However, an automatic chicken door can ensure that your chickens can go out of the coop during the day and be lock them up when night comes.